Report: Tiger Woods Had Plastic Surgery After Elin Smashed His Face with Golf Club

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In perhaps the craziest piece of Tiger Woods gossip to date, a respected sportswriter is claiming that the world's #1 golfer underwent reconstructive surgery.

After having his face broken by a golf club-wielding wife.

Furman Bisher cites, on his personal blog, inside sources telling him Tiger suffered a broken cheekbone and almost had his two front teeth knocked out.

He writes that the injuries are the real reason Woods has gone AWOL since his fight with Elin Woods and subsequent car crash right after Thanksgiving.

Bisher says a trustworthy journalist colleague sent him this information on Tiger, which he posted online to "present the picture in its clearest form."

However, the whole thing smells a bit like a hoax to us.

FORE: Did Elin Woods smash Tiger's cheating face with a 9-iron?

Don't get us wrong, we would not be surprised at all if Elin teed off on Tiger's face after what he pulled. But this scenario would be hard to conceal.

No police reports suggested Tiger's injuries were severe. Had they been, his wife likely wouldn't have been let off the hook after their investigation.

Moreover, for Tiger freaking Woods to undergo surgery without anyone knowing, during a global media firestorm no less, seems dubious at best.

But who knows. Bisher is considered one of the top golf writers, and goes into great detail about the attack and "cover up" that followed Tiger's crash.

His account states that Elin Woods drilled her husband in the face with a 9-iron after confronting him over text messages from Rachel Uchitel."

"At one point Tiger turned away to look at the TV, and as he turned back, Elin hit him on the right side of the face with the head of a 9-iron," he writes.

"When she struck Tiger, she made a huge gash in the right side of his face next to his nose (causing his nose to bruise some), and virtually knocking two of his upper teeth out, and breaking the bone on the upper right side."

Uchitel She's a Skank

MISTRESS #1: Rachel Uchitel's affair with Tiger Woods may or may not have led to a face-breaking, but it definitely shattered the golfer's formerly pristine reputation.

"Tiger ran scared as hell out of the house (which is why he had on no shoes) with Elin swinging the golf club wildly throughout the hallway to the garage."


The source claims the first doctor Woods saw knows a cosmetic dentist and plastic surgeon in Phoenix who could make Tiger look as if nothing happened.

The Friday after Tiger was released from the hospital, he didn't return home; he boarded a private plane for Phoenix, where he stayed until last Wednesday.

Lastly, the insider says reports of Tiger and Rachel still hitting it are bogus, and while Elin has retained a divorce attorney, she has not filed any papers.

Whether this is true remains to be seen, but it would help explain why:

  1. Tiger successfully vanished, doing so before the scandal broke.
  2. The police were unable to interview Tiger following the crash.
  3. Why he fled his own house in such a daze that he hit a tree.
  4. Why he announced he is taking an indefinite break from golf.

What do you think of this story? True or tabloid trash?


This story is TRUE, TRUE, TRUE. I had heard this story verbatim a week ago from someone close to the situation. He did have reconstructive surgery and work to his teeth. The sitings are bogus, the boat is bogus or a decoy. And yes, there are people covering/helping/giving Tiger a break.


God Elin looks FUGLY. I see why he turned to some of his mistresses (their not that great looking either). Still WTF she shouldn't get away with domestic violence just because shes the woman. IF a man did that to his cheating wife their would be HUGE scandals on it. All this is Double-standards


The email account makes a lot more sense than things the media has been saying. It's a fact that Tiger has not been photographed with Rachel Uchitel or anyone else since the scandal broke, and it's a fact that Tiger's boat is still moored to the same spot despite the media's claims a week ago that he went to the Bahamas. Despite the newest claims of Tiger and Rachel being at parties over the weekend, no one has verified those reports or provided any proof. It's also a fact that people from the Department of Child Protection visited the Woods home because the police reported that domestic violence was suspected. Why has the media been so silent about the fact that it was suspected Elin hit Tiger in the face?


That is interesting information about the plastic surgery Tiger Woods is reported to have had to repair the damage done to his face by his wife, one of the rumors that has been circulating for over a week now.


it does make sense for those reasons, but i still don't know if he could have all that done in total secret, even if he is tiger woods

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