Tiger Woods Overdose Reported on Night of Crash

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Did Tiger Woods overdose the night of his now-infamous car accident on prescription drugs and/or alcohol? That's the most recent rumor going around.

The golf legend did wrap his Escalade around a fire hydrant and his neighbor's tree, so it's certainly not a stretch to think he might have been in a daze that night and not the crazy Ambien sex kind of daze he fancied when nailing Rachel Uchitel.

Sources cited by TMZ are reporting that Tiger Woods was admitted to Health Central Hospital in Orlando the day after Thanksgiving for a suspected overdose.

The admissions chart lists "OD" and he was having trouble breathing.

The fifth floor of the hospital was on lockdown when Tiger arrived, and he was admitted under an alias, William Smith. His wife, Elin Woods, was by his side.

Was Tiger Woods overdosing the night of his car accident?

Elin Nordegren Woods, who "rescued" Tiger after the crash, gave paramedics two pill bottles at the accident scene - prescriptions for Ambien and Vicodin.

Tiger was in and out of consciousness, snoring at the scene, and sources say he clearly appeared to be under the influence of something - not alcohol.

Doctors used a breathing tube to assist his respiration. Tiger's alias was changed after a couple of hours to another alias to further protect his privacy.

This is just the latest in a string of damaging stories for Woods, who cheated on Elin (who is rumored to have moved out) with at least seven mistresses.

To make matters worse, his mother-in-law, Barbro Holmberg, was taken to the hospital this morning after suffering a stomach ailment at Tiger's house.

Hearing what he did makes us sick to our stomachs, too.


It's a sad month alright. Ms. Nordegren is wise to let all the dirty laundry out of the closet before signing anything. Tiger's image was manufactured by professional hero creators. Who, and what he really is is now being seen, and it's not a man I would want my son to look up to. Whoopee dang, he can play golf. Bobby Jones could play just as well as Mr. Woods. Jones was a gentleman, and would probably called a sucker by the enlightened youth of today for remaining an amateur. He had something Tiger never will; integrity, honesty and honour.


his secret alias was will smith? original.


This really sucks! The guy made a mistake and you are mad because you can't confirm what is in his underware. We need to be concerned that the press and snoops seem to think that only certain people have a right to privacy. Why are the women not up on extortion charges, is this not what it is and the people who pay them such as the media up on charges for abetting them? It is no mystery to me why famous people run from the press. You put your nose where it does not belong. Lets save poor Roman he only raped a child. Let us crucify Tiger, because he had an affair with a consenting adult. You do not report the news anymore you try to make it. Shame on you! If I were Tiger Woods I would go back to not talking to you the press at all and get as many celeberties I could to do the same. It is the lust for this kind of story that got the Prnincess dead!


It is a sad day. Golf has been revitalized with Tiger Woods and especially the rivalry between Tiger and Phil. I have enjoyed the game of golf all my life and this is the worst publicity associated with golf I can remember. The timeing is terrible for the sport which now in a lul time between the end of the 09 season and the beginning of the 2010 season. I hope Tiger will get things straight and we can get back to watching some great golf.


ambien will mess you up, especially if you try to drive after a couple. most of us aren't chased out of the house by crazy, golf-club weilding wives and forced to make a getaway while on the shit, but you get the idea


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