Tiger Woods and Rachel Uchitel: Still Hooking Up?

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Very little about Tiger Woods would surprise us at this point.

But if he and Rachel Uchitel were still seeing each other - or even in communication - after the events of the past three weeks, well, that definitely would.

Where is Tiger Woods? That's the big question everyone's trying to answer (Cruising to the Bahamas? 'Round-the-clock counseling? Secret night golfing?).

There are reports that Tiger is going all out to save his marriage and will check into rehab very shortly. But a tabloid tells a markedly different tale today.

The latest gossip comes from In Touch, which reports that a secret boat, not Tiger's yacht Privacy, is docked near Rachel Uchitel's Palm Beach condo.

Hmm ...

Comfy at Home

Rachel Uchitel: America's Sweetheart and the O.G. Tiger Woods mistress.

On that vessel, the magazine claims, the two are carrying on the affair (check out Tiger's emails to her) - the one that blew the lid off this sex scandal.

"They have been sleeping together the entire time since the scandal broke," a source says of Tiger and Rachel, who he was (is?) supposedly falling for.

We highly doubt that's true. However, when E! asked her if she is still hanging out with Tiger, Rachel, master of the non-answer text, responded:

"I got a house here and 2 girlfriends have been here the entire time. I have family that lives in Palm Beach also, I had planned this before November."

Well, that clears it up then. Only not at all.

What we know for a fact is that Rachel is in Palm Beach and Tiger's boat has been docked in the harbor close by. Other than that, it's anyone's guess.


Rachel is a dog, and Tiger is a pig. Those two barnyard bums deserve each other.


Well here's my input on old thing it's typical at other African American to put it nicely has got himself in a bind and of course I'll feel sorry for him because the money will bail him out to find happiness elsewhere the person I think it has the biggest problem is the race traitor his wife she gets everything she deserves for being with an African to the nicely again so that said I leave you with more drama and even more drama


The difficult thing with this Tiger/Elin thing as to whether stay vs divorce is it is so hard to know whether things are true or fabricated....All I know is if there is still love between Tiger and Elin, then they should go for marriage remedy... But if any one of them has no love any more for the other or not even treasuring love if previously existed in the 5 years of marriage, then go for a divorce...The worst is Tiger or Elin has motives other than love to pretend clinging onto the marriage.

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