Tiger Woods: Affairs "Let My Family Down"

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Tiger Woods' alleged affairs with two different women look to have played a role in his now-infamous car crash last week, and the evidence continues to pile up.


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    That would be easy for most of the people on here to say that Tiger doesn't deserve privacy ,that's because most of you are american and you are ignorant people ,excluding Carla & Q out of this hole thing because they are right it isn't your business or my business what goes on in tigers personal life ,doesn't matter if he is a celeb or not.The General American Society let's see ignorant,racist,you don't want gay's to marry each other.Stop being so damn ignorant.Who cares if someone's black they have every right to be here as you do,and your no better then them.Men wanna marry men or women wanna marry women that's none or your damn business and latestly you all just need to shut the fuck up mind your own god damn business and worry about your own shit and nobody else's


    This is a true no win situation. Media built icons are unfortunately huge money targets, and scandal sells. It appears to be a sign of the times. Heros with morality issues are somehow expected to be morally pure,we are all sinners though so media, for the good of tigers family, keep the spotlight on dim.


    The question remains as to WOULD TIGER fleece Elin if she ever cheated on him ? Iam sure he would eat her alive. tiger has to pay for it. He might be forgiven (who knows) but not forgotten. If his best and greatest achievements went aloud so would also his personals...that is the just Newton's third law..we cant help. God save him.




    I think the angeriest one in the house should be Tiger's wife - she has been deceived to the highest degree. When people say, "I do" they need to realize that some things they should, "not do" because the price is too costly.

    This is just one of the "transgressions" that are destroying our family units (one of the key ways to destroy a society....kill the family unit). Years from now his children will read about this. They will love their dad....but who would be eager to sign up to put themselves in that situation? He didn't learn from Clinton? He was the President, and the media didn't spare him (neither did the comics....get ready Tiger, they're coming for you...at a rate of a-joke-a-minute).


    Unfortunately, lack of privacy is the price you pay for fame!!


    I think that the entire MEDIA wanting to find the tarnish in Tiger's armor is rediculus! He had an accident, big deal! People have vehicular accidents EVERYDAY! He happens to be a guy who didn't have anything publically negative about his person and then, BAM! There is the proof of an imperfection! Since he had an accident, there must have been something driving that to occur. Uhmmm! He must have done some diviant act! An affair! What better way to bring a man down!Why is there such a need to feed off the mishaps and mistakes of others! If we take the time to examine our selves first, how much time would we have to fault find in others? Or do we search to find and point oiut the fault in others so that our own won't bring attention to US?


    Carla Carla Carla, ssshhhhhhhhhhush let the grown ups speak.
    Rockin' comment from BoSs, made my day!


    bOSs...I give you an "LOL"!! Classic! Thanks for the laugh. :)


    Tiger Woods is the first athlete to accumulate over a billion dollars in earnings. He is the most recognizable athlete on the planet. He has a squeaky clean reputation (which is now in question).

    Does he actually expect people not to want to know what is going on?

    PS - Carla, your response is just silly.

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