T.I. Released From Prison (to Halfway House)

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Clifford Harri, a.k.a. rapper T.I., was released from prison in Arkansas yesterday after seven months behind bars. He'll be living in a halfway house now.

T.I. was sentenced to 366 days in the Forrest City prison after he was busted in 2007 for sending his bodyguard out to buy machine guns and silencers.

Steve Sadow, his attorney, told the Atlanta-Journal Constitution that the troubled star was going to report to Dismas Charities Atlanta West in Georgia.

That's where he'll be living in halfway house for the next three months.

After his sentence is completed, T.I. still has to complete 500 hours of community service and 23 days of home incarceration for the weapons charges.

T.I. is that much closer to becoming a free man.

Prisoners sentenced to 366 days are eligible for a 54-day sentence reduction for good behavior and for a transfer to a halfway house, which T.I. got.

It all seems to have worked out well for the platinum-selling artist, who has 32 past arrests for weapons violations and a conviction for dealing crack.

What could have been a 10-year term was reduced by a plea agreement, in which the rapper was asked to publicly speak about the error of his ways.

That included talking to youth groups about avoiding the life he has led, and a bonus MTV series (which did not count), T.I.'s Road to Redemption.

Not a bad way to redeem yourself with the justice system or the public.


aight no hate ova hear- i dig his beats but face it he juz a kid who nickled n dimed crack pebbles when he really didnt have to at all- he stepped out of atlanta actin tough n his crew got nailed 4 dat- rap is different nowadayz- its not like u get away wit talkn it n not livin it nemore- u got dudes who did less n they gettin 30yrs or more- then he got suckered into buyin artilery from a fed in his entourage- this kid is an airhead jus like half da south-den he snithches- i dunno sumpin is fishy nahmean- but the lil people wishin him da best is groupies lames 4 real no real g can honor none of dat!!




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