Tiger Woods Mistresses: Full List of Women & Pictures!

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Tiger Woods has been linked to so many women, it's hard to keep them all straight. To help you out, we put together a list (with pictures) of Tiger's mistresses!

Here's a primer on the eight women linked to the world's top golfer (with names, as of this writing), with corresponding images in the gallery below ...

1. Rachel Uchitel. NYC club hostess. The first mistress linked to Woods, sparking his fight with wife Elin, which led to his car crash. His emails suggest he was falling for Rachel, but now she's just worried what diseases he may have given her.
2. Jamie Grubbs. Tool Academy contestant and cocktail waitress. Had 31-month-long affair with Woods and coughed up the voicemail to prove it. Thinks we are dumb enough to believe her when she says she didn't know he was married.
3. Kalika Moquin. Club manager/promoter from Las Vegas.
4. Jamie Jungers. Very cute, but totally trashy lingerie model from Vegas. Says she spent Tiger's money on liposuction during the time they were together.

5. Mindy Lawton. Trailer park waitress from Orlando. Kind of blah. Said Woods' wife Elin was pregnant during their affair, and that Tiger hates condoms.
6. Cori Rist. Aspiring, mostly failed model. Met Woods at a Manhattan club last year. Was married herself (with a child) throughout her fling with Woods.
7. Holly Sampson. Former porn star. Says she first met Tiger at his bachelor party ... where they had sex. Spoiler alert: It wasn't the last time they did.
8. Joslyn James. Current porn star.

UPDATE: Since our original posting, three more mistresses have been ID'd:

9. Loredana Jolie. Playboy model and hooker linked to Tiger by her pimp.
10. Julie Postle. Also known as "Unidentified Orlando Cocktail Waitress."
11. Theresa Rogers. Tiger's first and only bona fide cougar mistress!
12. Raychel Coudriet. Apparently his college-age neighbor got some.

There you go. Now you're all up to date, and have a cheat sheet to refer back to. Until another "alleged" Tiger Woods plaything comes forward and makes this awesome composite image we made obsolete. Give it a couple of hours.

Who's the hottest of Tiger Woods' women? Vote below!

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Why do people keep on saying Tiger Woods is black?? He's a fucken mutt! Blasian! Half black and asian!


all girls are sexy and hot but tiger wood not .....


For the wondering minds who want to know why all Tiger Woods women are white is because he wasn't raised around Black people, he lived in a white environment, so duh, he will eventually crave white ass, end of story.


Tiger is the man! Those some nice asses. Tiger should have never married untill he reached his early 40s. He needed to get the fun out his system. Earl didn't let the Tiger out early enough. So after he died the Tiger was running rampart and got carried away, lol.


hi iam jibran khan and u r so sexy women


pigs are pigs.esad


oh and no need
just because 1 guy, did some shit that has nothing to do with golf. Yes he is a great golfer, yes he cheated on his wife yes thats bad but dont say it represents the sport of golf, because it does not at all. and even so it dosent take away his accomplishemnts, and most of all Tiger dosent speak or represnt golf and nor is golf filled with this drama


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well, however hot they, they are whores, plain and simple. And Tiger is a whore monger.


Prostitutes, golddiggers, drug addicts, and promiscuous tramps. And this is how THEY describe themselves, I don't. Yet Tiger insists on riding them raw. What an idiot. So this is the best golf has to offer? No this is the best CORPORATE golf has to offer. Since Hord Hardin sold golf to the Fortune 500, it has been a steady downhill slide for the game of 'gentlemen'. pfffft. What a stinking moneyed-up mess. And guess what? It is all downhill from here as "golf" seeks its next main attraction and contours its equipment, courses, and rules to accommodate him. But the "fans" mindlessly continue to support this charade and the cash register works so hard it is smokin' -- like one of Tiger's hotties.

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