The Vampire Diaries is Better Than Twilight, Newspaper Claims

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Ding! Ding!

It's about to be on between Twi Hards and Diary Devotees.

A few weeks after New Moon broke box office records, and The Vampire Diaries debuted to strong ratings on The CW, at least one journalist is taking a controversial side: he says the latter franchise is superior to the former.

Why does Ari Karpel of The New York Post prefer Paul Wesley and company to Robert Pattinson and his much-hyped saga? He lists a few reasons:

1. Blood and gore: The Vampire Diaries is "a more traditional vampire horror tale than Twilight," Karpel writes, as the movie series focuses more on romance than murder. After all, he points out, the Cullens don't even have fangs.

The Salvatore brothers, conversely, flash theirs on every episode. Moreover, there's a growing body count in the fictional CW town of Mystic Falls. Gruesome deaths, not longing stares, are around every corner.

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2. SEX! Simply put, characters have it on The Vampire Diaries. So far, this isn't the case in the Twilight Saga, as the newspaper accuses that franchise of pushing "falsely neutered innocence."

3. Contrasting heroines: Bella is a blank slate, Karpel says. Fans can project themselves on her, but she has no actual personality. Elena, however "sets an example for young girls as a strong-minded woman." She asks questions and appears truly horrified, as most people would, upon learning Stefan is a vampire.

The Vampire Diaries also came first, of course. While people accuse the show of ripping off the movie, it's actually based on a book series that preceded Stephenie Meyer's collection.

There you have it. Agree? Disagree? Weigh in below with your thoughts on these fang-based franchises: Which do you prefer?


i think vampire diaries is better than twilight!!! i am upsessed with all the characters in the movie!!! that is my favorite movie!!!


Come on, the truth is vampire burns in sunlight!
Edward is not a vampire, he's a disco lamp.
I wonder why Stephanie Myers so stupid.


OK first things first, tvd is WAAAAAAAAY better than twilight
i mean what vampire sprkles in the sun. Vampire diaries came out in 1991
and twilight came out in 2005.And the thing where edward doesn't want to have sex realy pissed me of where as the poeple of Mystic Falls drink, party and have sex.I did like twiligt when i was yonger and i promist i would like nothing but twilight but then i wached tvd, and everything changed.When edward left bella she was really pissed of she even jumped of a cliff!!!!! on the other hand elena got on whith her life as bella should have done. P.S Damond can kik edwards sparkly ass any time:)


i love the vampire diaries and twilight


they both suck. bad teen-angst material all over it. it's about the money peoples. the difference - one has hottie Ian in it! this is why u should watch vd


i LOVE the VAMPIRE DIARYS i have all of the shows and know evry one of by heart see' pilot night of the comet Friday night bits family ties your undead to me lost girls hunted 162 candles history repeating the terning point bloodlines unpleasantvill children of the damed fool me once a few good men there goes the neighborhood let the right one in under control miss mystic falls blood brothers Isobel founders day


Vampire Diaries blow Twilight out of the water! I've read the Vampire Diaries way before Twilight ever came out. I can't even finish the Twilight series book because it's so boring. Twilight was good but New Moon wasn't good at all. The acting is mediocre. Vampire Diaries series on tv is awesome. It does take one or two episodes to get into it if you don't know the story. My husband wasn't into Vampire Diaries on the first episode since like most books or tv series, the first one they have to build the groundwork of the story but by the end of the first episode and second one, he was hooked and we look forward to seeing it every time it come on sometimes we record it during the week and watch it during the weekend as a date night instead of going to the movies.


They are both awful stories IMO.True Blood the series and books are IMO much better. Also Dracula and the first four Ann Rice Vampire novels are also much better.


God!I wish you people would just get over it already!They are both fantasy stories meant for entertainment!One is more about love,the other is more about horror.Twilight is good,The Vampire Diaries are good.Okay?All the books are good.Okay?They both appeal to people,and just by saying something sucks or that you hate does not make someone else agree with you.The Vampire Diaries were written first,and the story of Twilight came in a dream.So neither of them are rip-offs!Move on with your life and quit destroying others!No one cares what you like and what you don't like,they're both interesting and just get over it and stop making these little "The Vampire Diaries VS.The Twilight Saga" things already!They're own ideas and opinions.Thank you,and have a very nice day:)


hands up to those who think my previous message is wrong. Like i say, its all a matter o perspective and human preferances so i won't blame or judge which side you take

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