The Situation vs. Pauly D: Who'd You Rather ...

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It's a question for the ages.

The Situation (Mike Sorrentino) and DJ Pauly D (Paul DelVecchio) are two prominent members of the Jersey Shore cast on MTV. They are also a couple of Italian-American stud muffins who may not pump gas, but definitely pump iron.

The only debate? Which of these Garden State guidos you would rather ... well, you know. Vote in our informal survey below and weigh in on this critical topic:

The Situation and Pauly D

Who would you rather ...


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Heyy Yall Mah Name Ihsz ShiiRley Go'sz By : Sparklexsz !!! ii love Mah Cute Hot Axsz Self i Am So Hot !!! Fiind Mehh iin Faceboook !!! ii Be Thuggingg iiht iim A Wanna Behhh Gangster


Hellsz Yahhh No Homo :)ilu all :) snookii dahh dahh bahh bahh


I think Pauly D is way hotter. He seems like an all around good dude. Mikey is ho to but seems like it may be a one night stand or if it was a relationship it would be a bunch of Bull@#$$%^.


Yo my n¤¤¤as yall should have a tree some papa because yall not goin to take any girl you meet in the club and wife her I how not
Amor take cere do yall thing and be the biggest bit bull around yall doing it big


I had a dream that pauly d kissed me hahahaha but I guess he's the best lookin dude outa all of them.


Is it just me or does this look like an ad for one of those gay cruises?


What?! A threesome isn't an option? Prudes!

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