Raw Seduction: The Tiger Woods Voicemail Remix

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We've heard her pleas for attention and we've seen plenty of Jaimee Grubbs pictures, but few details about her relationship with Tiger Woods were known.

Until now.

The most vocal of three women alleged to have had an affair with Tiger Woods recently sold a voicemail recording he left for her last week to Us Weekly.

It's only a matter of time until Jaimee Grubbs leaks this new one, though. 'Cause Tiger knows how to treat a girl, and oh, how this seductive remix proves it!

We know about his voicemail plea to take her name off her greeting, but his sexy voice over these beats will ensure J-Grubbs takes off a lot more than that ...


what do u do if u see ur house wall cracked? fix it or get drilling tools?


Seriously, should've paid the homewrecker upfront for her services & to keep her mouth shut. I didn't think Tiger was a foolish person, did he really think the voice mail was a good idea? Trashy behavior but you almost can't blame what's her boob, get that fame & money while she can. It is refreshing to see that Elin is keeping close her confidences, taking this with some dignity publicly.


Cheating 101 - if you're famous don't do it because everyone will tell.


cheater eventually get caught


Cheating 101 never leave a voice mail Tiger!!!!!

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