The Last Song Movie Poster: Unveiled!

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We will try our hardest to not make fun of Miley Cyrus in this article.

After all, it's simply meant to announce the release of the official poster for The Last Song, a movie Cyrus stars in this spring that was specifically written for her by beloved author Nicholas Sparks.

There's no reason to mention the controversy Cyrus stirred up earlier in the week, when she wore inappropriate attire in front of Queen Elizabeth.

Instead, let's just focus on the film itself: it focuses on the young singer in the role of a teenager sent to live with her dad for the summer. Full of angst and resentment, Miley's Ronnie finds unexpected love with Will, played by rumored real-life boyfriend Liam Hemsworth.

The Last Song opens on April 2. Are you excited for it? Check out the official poster below:

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for everyone to know, all the bitches that havent read the book and are treating it like its some stupid idiotic book you would read because your too stupid to read this kind of book, well its by nick sparks, hes amazing. so quit the foolish remarks about peoples images notbeing perfect because im sure as hell your arent, and if they are on the outside then they are not on the inside because you commenting on stupid things. for everyone sticking up for the book, go u, it really is a great one.


I watched the trailer and her character supposedly makes it into Juilliard. Unfortunately that is only in the movie. Miley Cyrus would never make it into Juilliard since she has no talent.


wow, she's totally squinting in this picture... lol ^^ stars are not perfect. well but i do want to see that movie, after all i think she's a good actress. she should quit the singing and go more into acting. just my opinion...


what look is she trying to pull of here anyway..?


lol..her face looks so funny here..hahaha! they should've chosen a different pic..


They both look like fags, Miley looks like she just sucked on a lemon and the guy s just ugly.


Her face is dumbb. What's up with her lips ? It's like a bad accident, you just can't stop staringg ..


What expression is that supposed to be on her face?


This movie looks touching, heart-felt and absolutely awful. Nothing like watching a movie about two over-dramatic teenagers taking their puppy love a bit too seriously.


you want to make fun of her?
whatever, like you can do better...
so what if she meet the queen with that dress?? i think it's beautiful