Ted Nugent: Barack Obama Belongs in Jail!

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In 2004, Ted Nugent gave an interview in which he said homosexuality was "morally wrong."

A year later, the rocker was sued for child support for failing to pay the woman with whom he had a baby out of wedlock.

This irony and hypocrisy is worth noting in light of the recent comments Nugent made to some magazine called Royal Flush. Speaking to the publication, he said of the President:

"I think that Barack Hussein Obama should be put in jail. It is clear that Barack Hussein Obama is a communist. Mao Tse Tung lives and his name is Barack Hussein Obama. This country should be ashamed. I wanna throw up."

Such a viewpoint elicits two responses from a rational individual:

  1. The only "evidence" any critic can cite that Obama is, indeed, a Communist would be the fact that he's daring to reform health care.
  2. Even if one were to somehow acknowledge this bizarre supposition, Nugent might wanna look up the First Amendment. The same passage that allows him to utter these words would also allow anyone to hold the views of Communism without legal repercussions.

Putting aside Nugent's clear lack of sanity, do you agree with his accusation? Is Barack Obama a Communist?


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To Hellion - I couldn't say it better myself.


Unfortunately, conservatives don't care about where our country is headed only that we now have a Democratic President upon whom they can exercise their knee-jerk no-brains opposition.


Hellion - Obama raised the highest tax bracket less than 3% for those making over $250,000. Not a penny under that amount was touched. Moreover, this is CONSIDERABLY less than rich folk were paying under Reagan.
Do you think you wouldn't be paying any taxes if a Republican were in office? You are right, however, by all means: Smart Americans should absolutely follow Ted Nugent's viewpoints. That would be a wonderful country in which to reside.


Ted Nugent is just repeating what smart Americans knew all along. Unfortunately, liberals don't care about where our country is headed only that we now have a black President. PS - 50% of my year end bonus check went to the Government.


Nugent is a fruitcake; however, Obama does not belong in the White House.....not in jail, either


oh yes, the two are very similar ... a repressive dictator whose opposition to personal and political freedom is still in place today, and who was arguably responsible for millions of deaths, versus the president of the united states ... good call Ted


The only thing "clear" is that Ted Nugent is a certifiable idiot.