Ted Nugent: Barack Obama Belongs in Jail!

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In 2004, Ted Nugent gave an interview in which he said homosexuality was "morally wrong."

A year later, the rocker was sued for child support for failing to pay the woman with whom he had a baby out of wedlock.

This irony and hypocrisy is worth noting in light of the recent comments Nugent made to some magazine called Royal Flush. Speaking to the publication, he said of the President:

"I think that Barack Hussein Obama should be put in jail. It is clear that Barack Hussein Obama is a communist. Mao Tse Tung lives and his name is Barack Hussein Obama. This country should be ashamed. I wanna throw up."

Such a viewpoint elicits two responses from a rational individual:

  1. The only "evidence" any critic can cite that Obama is, indeed, a Communist would be the fact that he's daring to reform health care.
  2. Even if one were to somehow acknowledge this bizarre supposition, Nugent might wanna look up the First Amendment. The same passage that allows him to utter these words would also allow anyone to hold the views of Communism without legal repercussions.

Putting aside Nugent's clear lack of sanity, do you agree with his accusation? Is Barack Obama a Communist?



wow, really everyone. hes a person simple as that. so there are some things that we arent sure of about president obama. so what, we are just going to sit back and stereotype him? why not get to know the guy and give him a chance. because stereotyping is how wars start and if we keep doing this...especially to our president...we will be looking at a war here in our home country.


Obama has accelerated the wars in the mideast....Iraq, Afghanistan, and now looks like were going to Yemen. The man has lied more than ANY other president. Forcing health care violates the Constitution. Obama is weak and pathetic and a puppet for the Global Banking Elite. As for Ted Nugent, he runs a camp for inner city youth, supports our troops with overseas visits, feeds the homeless, plants 10,000 trees a year, is the strongest advocate of the 2nd amendment that we have....what the hell do any of you do?


What a freakn joke.... The writter (I use that term loosly) of this artical is clearly bias. I have deleted this site from my favorites. If I wanted to read political commentary, I sure wouldn't trust a idoit "rag site" writter. Disappointed, stick to sex scandals & debutant photos


I applaud the people of the United States. They are the ones responsible for Obamas election. Unforturnately it is business as usual. Bail out big business on the backs of the tax payers. Funny, everyone thought that when Obama said spread the wealth, he meant to the poor. Ha! I guess he meant the ultra elite and wealthy. Like I said business as usual.


Excuse me? But why compare Mao Ze Dong to the President of the US? They are two completely, and idealistically different people.
Mao Ze Dong helped create history, but not in such a good way and President Obama may have created many controversies, but still, we should applaud him for being the first ever Black President of United States. And this is from a non- American's point of view, too.


I agree Sunnygirl, Misinformation comes from both sides, it's like that old saying "There are three sides to every story, yours, mine and the truth." Yes and while both sides continue to spin in a cycle of hate we all suffer. I blame anyone that voted to go into war as well I understand that it was based on misinformation and driven by fear of what no one understands and living in fear has nothing to do with being free.


yes John, lots of hate just like there was for the last eight years. Funny how liberals are so offended about the hate but it was perfectly fine to hate Bush. Maybe the President before Bush should have done something about the terrorism during his term. And let us not forget who voted to go to war. Many, many in Congress, yes both dems and repubs voted to go to war. All of you just keep fighting among yourselves. That is exactly what our politicians want to see. If they keep you all fighting you won't notice how they are ALL bringing our country to it's knees. And if you would like to talk misinformation just listen to your local news. Now that is a joke.


Let's not forget the complete shit box that was left for Obama to clean up. Two wars, one of which that will go down as one of the greatest mistakes in American history possibly only second to the 2000 election. The amount of hate and misinformation that exists in the US is amazing to me. Even more amazing to me are the people that buy into it.


conservatives and liberals agree...Obama does not belong in the white house...black white or yellow, dem or rep, he has proven to be a stalemate president elect, to all.....


Couldn't agree more. Hellion is clearly deluded if he thinks this is what (smart) Americans think. Scary to think some people live under such a false ideology. And no need to bring in race issues all the time Hellion. It's boring.

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