Taylor Swift: Stylin for New York Times Magazine

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Taylor Swift is a very busy woman.

She's winning Country Music Awards; getting nominated for multiple Grammys; cozying up to Taylor Lautner.

Still, the global superstar found time to pose for one of the fashion world's most respected publications this week, as she's featured in The New York Times Style Magazine. Check out her heavily made-up cover below:

At just 19, Swift already has more crossover appeal than any artist alive.

She's beloved by country fans, pop fans, fashion followers. Heck, she even made inroads in the comedic world after a great stint as host of Saturday Night Live.

We're a gossip site that has actually critiqued celebrity baby fashion on occasion... but we can't think of a single bad thing to say about Taylor. You rock, girl!

Click on the following photos for more stylish shots of Swift in this magazine:


taylor swift is awesome.. her music her songs her voice her sense of style ..m just loving it


I just don't see what's the big deal about this girl? Her music is laughable and she really isn't all that hot. Pretty but not hot.


I love Taylor Swift. She is smart, strong, pretty, and an original in these pictures.
She dares to be different in those cute but really unique sunglasses. She looks,fearless
independent, and gorgeous---a woman of today, a product of everything fought for in the last
50 years!


I love Taylor! She and Miley are beautiful. Speaking of Miley, She is NOT a bad role model. This goes out to all the Miley haters: U GUYS SUCK! And to all the Taylor haters to. She is hella talented. Shes won countless awards. All she needs is a Grammy and shes a country super super star. Props to Taylor. I LOVE YA TAYLOR


Taylor is legendary beyond, she is fab on the T cover and a legend in those Mercura NYC sunglasses.


how can taylor not sing if she wins all the awards i love taylor swift


No singing talent? She sings, she writes, she plays...how is she lacking talent? She's not. She's absolutely stunning and she's doing very well for herself. Unlike Miley, she's definitely someone I would call myself a fan of.


I feel as if Taylor is being pushed down our throats. Everywhere you look there is something about her. For a girl with no singing talent she has amazing followers with the screaming girls. If it wasn't for the young girls she wouldn't be where she is today. Her recordings are doctored with the background music, but her singing live you can hear her voice out of tune and her breathing between the notes. I agree her song writing is good (for the young generation of girls), but her her singing sucks.

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