Taylor Lautner is on Team Edward

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Team Edward or Team Jacob?

It's a question that has divided movie fans, and long-time friends, for months on end.

On this weekend's new edition of Saturday Night Live, Taylor Lautner got into the debate... but you'll never guess the side he took.

Okay, maybe you will, based on our headline and this drawn-out tease. Still, it's worth watching the video below in order to see a very different side of this Twilight Saga star.

Fans should also check out Lautner's SNL monologue now!

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i think more people should count how many muscles he has. because he has an EIGHT pack not a SIX pack and taylor swift is a bitch. (why is taylor on team edward that just goes against the whole debate)


i really hate taylor swift for what she did to taylor, he didnt diserve it. he should of broke up with her first,plus she said that he is imature,but how can that be when he bought her diamond rings for her bday. he is really hot and has great muscles. PLEASE REMEMBER: he has an EIGHT pack not a SIX pack,i really wish people would get it right it really bugs me!


tea, jacob all the way


I've allways been on team jacob hell yeah


He is the hottest guy on earth


HAHA he should get an oscar for those abs and haha i wanted to bake cookies on his stomach HAHA and its weird i use to be team edward but then when jacob toke off his shirt i changed LOL