Spotted Partying: Tiger Woods & Rachel Uchitel?!

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This is getting ridiculous.

We know Rachel Uchitel has been spending time lately in Palm Beach, Florida. We know Tiger Woods' yacht is docked in Palm Beach, Florida. We know someone supposedly spotted them together around said boat on December 23.

All circumstantial evidence or hearsay, to be sure.

But now Entertainment Tonight claims Tiger, who's gone AWOL since wrecking his car and reputation last month, was partying there last night - with mistress #1 in tow.

Not that ET is gospel by any means, but we honestly wouldn't put this past Tiger, no matter how hard he is supposedly working to salvage his shattered marriage.

Rache and Tiges

Is Rachel Uchitel still doing Tiger Woods?

The entertainment site claims Rachel Uchitel was spotted holding hands with the world's #1 golfer and mingling with about 300 other partygoers Sunday night.

The location? A private mansion in Palm Beach.

Reports also surfaced that the couple partied together Saturday at the Everglades Club in Palm Beach. Would they really be able to without pics getting out?

You wouldn't think so, but then again, you wouldn't think Tiger freaking Woods would have been juggling 11 mistresses (and counting), now would you?

All we know is that if this is true, there must be something completely irresistable about Rachel Uchitel, because that chick wrecks homes like it's her job.

Elin better ask for the yacht in the divorce.


i always admired and respected this man,now i feel that he no longer deserves anyone to respect him as a man.he's hiding from the public,and still doing the wrong things. i never put anyone on a pedestal,but i've had a lot of respect for people who tell the truth,he's a liar,and a cheat,and no kid should look up to him anymore.he doesn't deserve it.


I don't think this one is special. I think she has dollar signs in her eyes. She probably called him up as soon as the news broke. When this is all over Tiger will be lucky to be a caddy in the PGA. Talk about self destruction personified.


I thought the guy has been distraught over the breakup of his marriage. Come to find out the cat been celebrating. I'm so ashamed for Tiger it's unreal. I hope his wife divulges all of his dirty (drug use) secrets. If true of course. He is such a fake. Absolutely no respect for his wife and kids. None!!


My heart cries out for his wife and children, they would be asking where he is and Elin has to carry the load it is wrenching for her I only hope she can draw strength from her heritage and beliefs, I honestly do not want to see Tigers face anywhere on any poster etc...he has no loayalty to himself and this is where he needs help....stop running tiger any woman for you can only be a band aid at this stage....MAN UP...for your children.....I am over Tiger COMPLETELY will never believe anything he says another day of his life and dobut many other will as well....


I don't know what to think anymore. Just glad it's not me. I don't think it will be easy for him to just change his ways overnight. IF this story is true then he lacks respect for all people AND she should step back as well. Who knows anymore.


Who cares what or who this loser is doing.........


Tiger is an ADULTERER CHEATER LIAR ASS!! Tiger does NOT give a sh** about Elin and her children!!Tiger is a PATHETIC JERK!!


And what about his wife and kids ......did they mean nothing to him???
Obviously not enough!!!What a selfish, miserable, JERK, Tiger Woods is.
It doesn't matter whether he saw this chick on Saturday or not..the damage is done, he has seen at numerous women on many occassions!! His wife and family are better off with out him. Could anyone ever trust him again.. I THINK NOT...


I think this one is really special to him. The other 10 (so far...)meant nothing!


300 GUESTS with cell phone cameras and not a single picture. Has the press lost all sense of facts or just jump at any senseless gossip? Oh wait i forgot this is the tabloid press anything goes!!

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