Spotted Partying: Tiger Woods & Rachel Uchitel?!

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This is getting ridiculous.

We know Rachel Uchitel has been spending time lately in Palm Beach, Florida. We know Tiger Woods' yacht is docked in Palm Beach, Florida. We know someone supposedly spotted them together around said boat on December 23.

All circumstantial evidence or hearsay, to be sure.

But now Entertainment Tonight claims Tiger, who's gone AWOL since wrecking his car and reputation last month, was partying there last night - with mistress #1 in tow.

Not that ET is gospel by any means, but we honestly wouldn't put this past Tiger, no matter how hard he is supposedly working to salvage his shattered marriage.

Rache and Tiges

Is Rachel Uchitel still doing Tiger Woods?

The entertainment site claims Rachel Uchitel was spotted holding hands with the world's #1 golfer and mingling with about 300 other partygoers Sunday night.

The location? A private mansion in Palm Beach.

Reports also surfaced that the couple partied together Saturday at the Everglades Club in Palm Beach. Would they really be able to without pics getting out?

You wouldn't think so, but then again, you wouldn't think Tiger freaking Woods would have been juggling 11 mistresses (and counting), now would you?

All we know is that if this is true, there must be something completely irresistable about Rachel Uchitel, because that chick wrecks homes like it's her job.

Elin better ask for the yacht in the divorce.


Hey, Tiger loves his penis like all men. leave him alone.


I applaud Elin for her dignaty and strength with this whole unbelievable mess. The one thing she has been is a fantastic mother to her childen throught the entire scandal. I hope she had a little happiness with her children at Christmas.To watch a child on Christmas morning is the most special event in the world. For Tiger to have missed his son's first Christmas and his daughter's excitement over Santa Clause is shameful to say the least. The man does not deserve this wonderful woman and his children. It appears his Mistress (Whore) means more to him than his children's unquestioning love. Keep up the strength Elin. You're a special lady and Mother.


300 partying guests in Palm Beach, while a photo of the skanky couple taken together could go for $300,000+...C'MON MAN!


Yes it would be amazing that out of 300 people there were no cell phone pictures especially for that amount of money! It would seem doubtful that this is true but rather a rumor. I am really looking forward to the time when the cheater does surface. He can't hold the hushed respectful deference that his carefully crafted reputation did in the past. When he's confronted by the press he'll fully understand and hopefully comprehend the damage that he's done to himself. It appears that he lacks the ability to understand others feelings and emotions, a sociopaths personality. Elin should indeed have absolute custody. No need to have the little ones exposed to one so cold. calculating and callous.


OH, RIGHT, "EU": YOU are the hypocrites. Everyone knows Europe, and in particular the UK, has the trashiest, scummiest most sickening tabloid press business in the world. Relentless paparazzi (flashback - Diana). Your newsstands and the web are FULL of them (and they really ARE sick). Geez, what an idiot.


To EU, how dare you call Americans sick!!!! For you to defend this man of no character proves YOU have no character and are likely a cheater too. TW fans from America & all over the world have been misled by this dog from the beginning. Poor Elin & the children, she's been hoodwinked the worst! Everyone I talk to agrees with me & I'm Canadian. Are we all "sick" too? Everyone thought Tiger was a hero because of his public persona but he was hiding his dark side from his wife, his sponsors & his fans. I hope he sinks like the Titanic never to be seen again & Elin gets 50% of their assets, as he entered into that marriage under false pretenses.


you americans are sick! Leave the guy alone, just in your country you talk about him as scum, for the rest of the world is still the best golf player ever existed! Hypocrites!


It is definitely hard to believe not a single picture could be gotten at a party of 300! It's also hard to believe he is not seeing slutty Rachel in Florida. One thing Rachel can count on, if he's not "cheating" on her now... it won't be long. Just wait a few years, Elin's hot, a great mom, and everyone loves her. Tiger is probably the most hated man in the world right now besides Bin Laden. What a "life" he's going to have. Of course, all the athletes will support him... most of them are doing the same thing. Difference, most of them admit it (ie, Charles Barkley, etc). Tiger is just an ASS (translation: SOCIOPATH).


Man... The tabloids will say anything to stay in production of tigers where abouts,
I agree 300 gusts and no pic.. I guess no one need$ 300g's..
This poor bastard is toast accross the board as far as I'm concerned, his sponsors
lossing billions has made tiger toxic and I won't be surprised If he ends up with Nike
as his only supporter... Hmmm do you know how much ass tiger could have bought with 600 million
well that's 50% of tigers estate he will more then likely be signing over
to hie soon to be ex... This by not doubt will be the worlds most expensive divorce..
I feel mostly sad for his children becouse they will only know him as a disgraced cheater...


I saw a few e-news on this rumour. It depends on whether it is true. If it is true, then TW is unrepairable... Whether he really loves Elin or not or whether his marriage stay or not is not the point here.. The point is demonstrating sensible responsible behaviour and that means a lot as to whether respect a person or not... If one committed mistakes, more important is how one handles his mistakes.... If TW chose to party in this time when he should be repenting or improving himself, then he has only himself to blame going for self-destruction If these-enews of him partying with mistress in Xmas is not true, Tiger should bravely stand out to clarify news fabrication of malicuous intent...

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