Source: Angelina Jolie Cheating on Brad Pitt!

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Brangelina gossip is the best.

Do these two actually do anything besides star in movies and spend time with their kids? Sounds like a great life, but it's not enough for Star and its ilk.

According to tabloids: Their marriage is an act; Angelina plays mind games; She wants baby #7, Brad moved out; Brad meets with Jennifer Aniston; Angelina had declared war on Jen; She contemplated suicide; She's plotting a revenge pregnancy.

That's only in the last three months, too!

The latest from the venerable writers at Star: Angelina Jolie has been cheating on Brad Pitt, and in turn, "the love is gone" from their hot relationship.

She's apparently "come clean" about other lovers (Johnny Depp, perhaps), and Brad said "I'm outta here" for the 12th time since mid-September.

These supermarket magazine covers never cease to amuse. Look at Brad on a motorcycle! That means "I'm outta here (to pick up something at the store)!"

In other news, Kim Kardashian and Beyonce have weight loss tricks, Brittany Murphy had demons and Charlie Sheen had a Christmas outburst that left his marriage to Brooke Mueller in tatters. Hey, at least one of those items is actually true!

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Firts of all, johnny depp is madly in love with vanessa. They're will be together forever. Second, why do you think johnny will pay attention in such a ... like angelina? I don't think brad and angelina will saty together so long, but johnny and vanessa are forever!


ok trudy, yeah, i'm so jealous, seeing as how i'm a medical student and have a 4.0, and i've been with someone who adores me and we have never had adultery in our relationship for the 5 yrs that we've been together. you're one to talk about getting a life, seeing as how you are on here too and seem to be very intrested with this pathetic couple's life. i say it like it is cuz nothing i said is a lie, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, i don't condone adultery no matter who it is, but apparently you do


Tahoe and Talia you said it right. Shalen you sound jealous, loveless and bitter. You are you to judge these people? You don't know anything about them. Worry about your own life. Or better yet get a life!


jen anistion needs is a self-centered b....she needs to get over brad and stop making people feel sorry for her,i for one and im sure there are alot of people out there will agree with me that brad made a better choice in choosing angelina over pathetic jennifer.angelina not only is she beautiful shes also an extremely talented actress,kudos to you guys brad and angelina


why cant these stupid magazines business stop printing lies about brad and angelina,cant people see how in love they are,thats why brad and angelina dont pay attention to those tabloids.their love will last a lifetime,im rooting for them


the magazines business must be real slow in order for them to print silly and untrue things about brad and angelina,all i see is that they keep wishing for these two to breakup,but you know what,it only makes their relationships stronger and they are more in love then ever.stay in love brad and angelina,love them and will always be their fans.


none of this said anything about their alarm going off. the only person that is sucking the life out of him is angelina, he doesn't just look bad, it looks as though he has aged 30 years in a course of 5. that isn't exactly the sign of a happily married man to me. i've been with the same guy for 4 years and i like looking good for him when i go out. you crazy angelina people need to get over jen, she doesn't want brads ugly ass, and now he has a used up hag


Some of you invest way to much time on these two. Your made up little stories are better then the mag rags. What are you, 12?


i doubt johonny depp would be with angelina, she's too ugly for him, and his gf is so beautiful. i'm not so sure if this is true, if it were i don't think it would be with him, but it wouldn't surprise me. either way brad completely deserves it


All I know is that Brad is looking horribly ugly lately. That may say it all.