Solange Magnano, Former Miss Argentina, Dies in Gluteoplasty Mishap

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Solange Magnano, a former Miss Argentina, died Sunday after an elective plastic surgery procedure on her posterior went terribly wrong and claimed her life.

According to international reports, the 37-year-old suffered a pulmonary embolism after going under the knife Wednesday at a Buenos Aires medical center.

The plastic surgery she was getting? A gluteoplasty, also known as a procedure which involves placing implants in the buttocks to improve their outline.

Solange Magnano, a wife and mother of 7-year-old twins, suffered a fatal complication when liquid injected into her buttocks went to her lungs and brain.

Authorities say the cause of death is still under investigation. Solange won the Miss Argentina crown in 1994, and later created her own modeling agency.

May the beautiful Solange Magnano rest in peace.

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FOR REAL THO: You may be the trailor park trash... she is beatifull... You are just and UGLY Bic....Jealous of her beauty and her accomplishments, something you will never know. You are very sad..


Lola you are a HORRIBLE person...very ignorant as well...
In Argentina not too many Argentineans get plastic surgery done becase they are very expensive.(inform yourself before you open such a BIG Toillet like mouth of yours).YOU MUST BE VERY UGLYYYYY


P.S. Your 'insides' were never meant to be open to the outside elements, that's why the body is a closed system. Any time you open it up in the form of surgery it's gonna be tricky, even with a supposedly simple procedure. My advice about surgery--don't do it if you don't have to!


I'm sure she knew the risks, she most likely signed a waiver and still elected to have the surgery because her doctor probably told her something like, "I've performed thousands of these procedures with no incidents, it's just a formality." Yep, a formality that morphed into mortality for her. I feel sorry for her family that have to deal with this aftermath.


Very sad the procedure led to her demise, however there is always a risk when going under the knife no matter what the cause of surgery
No one deserves to die such a death, my thoughts are with her family


Saying she isn't beautiful because of getting plastic surgery is a superficial judgment. If her looks truly don't matter as a person, then getting plastic surgery shouldn't matter. Lola, you are making judgments about who she was inside by how she changed outside. A person, loved by family and friends has died. Never did she choice vanity over family. She choose to have procedure that she thought was no big deal and something went horribly wrong. condolences to her family.


"i think it's really sad for you all to say 'may the beautiful' her superficial nature and quest for fake 'beauty' is what led to her demise." "I think she was ugly, in the sense that she was not real and true to herself. She was not representing a healthy, mentally balanced, and naturally beautiful female image.
in fact she made a living off of perpetuating this fake beauty." That's really rude, yeah she may have gotten alot of surgery but c'mon I'm sure she was beautiful even before she has surgery. She died and to go on about her like this is just rude.


Regardless of what she was having done, you trust the medical field enough that you are not suppose to die from the procedure. It's sad.


She looks a lot older than 37, in this pic. Maybe, it's the stringy hair adn trailor trash whore hairstyle. Why would someone get plastic surgery on their ass, to begin with? It is sad, for the children.....I hope they aren't too scarred by this horrible choice.


oh yeah, i forgot because i went off on a tangent... i meant to say that there is so much plastic do we call someone beautiful when their face probably is not even real....??? do you think her face is pretty?? is it pretty to be so fake? to be plastic?
to be so vain??
to be so insecure that you would pay someone to change all the things that make you unique?? i bet her whole face had been worked on. I am sure her children look nothing like her.