Snooki to Jersey Shore Haters: Eff You!

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Advertisers, natives of Seaside Heights, N.J., and most people with morals hate it, but Jersey Shore's Nicole Polizzi isn't worried about negative stereotypes.

When Steppin' Out magazine asked "Snooki" what she would say to all the companies who have pulled ads from the controversial MTV show, she stated:

"I just have one thing to say to Domino's, Dell, UNICO and all the other haters out there: F**k you! If you don't want to watch, then don't watch."

Snooki added: "Just shut the hell up! I'm serious... F**k you!"

You can see how she ended up getting punched in the face. We're not saying she deserved it, just that you can see where Brad Ferro was coming from.

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Snooki calls herself "the f*%king Princess of Poughkeepsie." Enough said.

UNICO, the Italian-American organization that claims the show perpetuates negative stereotypes, plans to keep pressuring sponsors to boycott the show.

"She is not an embarrassment to Italian Americans. She is actually an embarrassment to the entire human race!!!!" UNICO said of Snooki in a statement.

No comment.

Italian-American groups and advertisers aren't the only ones pissed. Even the New Jersey town that's home to the series wants nothing to do with it.

Tomorrow night, they'll have even more Jersey Shore quotes to get offended by. The show returns in its usual, Thursday time slot at 10 p.m. on MTV.


If you watch True Hollywood Story: Snooki on E! channel, you may understand her point of view. Snooki is just being herself as well as the other cast members. I have nothing against her at all. At least she is not lying and or stealing someone's identity like some other people (who are non-famous) do. I praise Jersey Shore cast. I wish that I could meet and connect with people from similar/different backgrounds.


-man fqk all u quys;
ilove snooki shes awesome!!!
u ppl are just jealous cuz shes
makin money just to partyy*


snooki u look like ur nine months pregnant, drop some weight u fat little wanna b. as for mike ur a punk whenever u wanna go a round with THE RICK let me know. after that u wont b cumin back to my state juice boy.


Snooki is this generations Screech - she'll be doing porno when the series ends - in summary; an oompa loompa that can eat an apple through a picket fence with those teeth.


What noone else has ever thought life was just one big party? What's the problem? Look at how we all celebrate when our presidential candidate wins, favorite football team wins the superbowl, or basketball team wins the championship. Or how about when hurricanes strike? We riot and party like "rockstars" huh? Let's all be patriotic and keep destroying this country.


Snooki.....I love you sooo much!!!!....just kidding please kill yourself....


DAMN I HATE JERSEY SHORE!!!!! what the fuck has MTV become??
they even get paid 10k per espiode. HOW DO YOU TELL A FAN OF MTV FOR THE PAST 6 YEARS TO STOP WATCHING IT WHEN ITS LIKE A DAMN ROUTINE ALRDY. grrrrr i hate snooki. 10k for dog faces to pull a scene in some night club. we need new music channel, pronto.


I cannot belive that these idiots haven't figured out that ALL of America is laughing AT them, not with them. Poor stupid Guidos are too dumb to understand. What an embarrassment to New Jersey folks.


"She is not an embarrassment to Italian Americans. She is actually an embarrassment to the entire human race!!!!"
Hahaha I couldn't have agreed more and i'm not no guido/italian/from Jersey
Brad Ferro my HERO xD


I say let her talk. Her response alone shows just how ignorant and unintelligent she is. I mean, if that is all she can say as a come back I say, enough said. She'll be her own demise. Then she'll blame everyone else for it.

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