Simon Monjack Defends Brittany Murphy, Himself

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Given his semi-shady reputation and that relatively little is known about him in general, Brittany Murphy's husband Simon Monjack has come under scrutiny.

Such is the nature of celebrity deaths in general, too, especially when someone as young as Murphy (32) dies of cardiac arrest. Fans want answers.

Mr. & Mrs. Monjack

Monjack is hitting back at rumors regarding his wife's passing, however, insisting she did not overdose on drugs and did not have an eating disorder.

"These rumors that she was anorexic? It's crazy. She was slim, but that was her natural physique," Monjack says, adding that he wants answers too.

"This is what's killing all of us. How did it happen? Why did it happen? Her mum, myself and her family – we want to know why we lost our baby."

In his tear-filled interview, an exhausted Simon Monjack said all he knows is what doctors told him Sunday: Brittany Murphy died of cardiac arrest.

They won't know the full details until after an autopsy, the results of which have been deferred pending most tests which could take six weeks.

Simon Monjack says he, too, is shocked at how his "baby" died.

Monjack raised eyebrows when he objected to having an autopsy done on Murphy (the Coroner's office overruled him). He explained that to People:

"My initial reaction to the autopsy was ... they're going to cut her open – I couldn't bear it ... That would break her mother," the 39-year-old said.

"But we realize we need to know. I look forward to getting the results."

He added that Murphy did suffer from a heart murmur (a mitral valve prolapse), which can cause fatigue, dizziness and irregular heartbeats.

Murphy didn't require medication to treat it, says Monjack, but she was quite ill before she passed away, and had a lot of medication at home.

"She was on herbal remedies that wouldn't speed up her heart," Monjack says. "But there was nothing here that could endanger her; there was prescription medication in the house for her female time and some cough syrup. That's it."

Asked point-blank if a drug overdose was a possible cause of death, the dejected Simon replied, "I can get rid of that one right now," he says.


Anyone and at any age can die from cardiac arrest. News Flash. Heart failure can be genetic or it can be a problem they were born with and it was never detected. Please get your facts straight before accusing someone who has passed for an overdose. may she rest In Peace.


Kris, Yes, people do die at a young age like this. Yu need to keep up with medical times


A 90 year old woman dies of "natural causes" not a 32 year old. I believe her husband was not good for her.


i think it was a overdose for sure! i mean,people her age dont just drop dead!


I think he will be wearing an orange jumpsuit this time next year! The fat guy is behind her addiction!


I think her husband loved her very much and I think that was what she really wanted as most women do.
She was very loved before she died and that is more than many famous women really have. She was rich in this way. So, there's that.
Simon should feel good about loving her as did Ashton.


Here Mom I went on google Langugae tools and got that message translated.. hope this helps :)
Laura R was saying....
she was a great actriiz and I do not speak dies k na k was anorexic
or know of such things until she was unik bN besides the stars are definitely running out hollywwood be in the wrong places do not see the example of Heath Ledger or something michael jakson rare but something is happening q estoii sure she deserves to be in heaven by q will face could be seen in the purity of young k was


When I first heard about Brittnay's death, I thought drugs like everyone else. But my really good friends husband had flu-like symptoms and what he thought was a really bad chest cold. He was 31 yrs. old and died right in front of his wife and child in a matter of seconds and his autopsy revealed that he died of micro-valvue prolapse that went undiagnosed. No drugs, nothing. So maybe hers was the same. He also died in December, "cold and flu season." So I see how it could happen. We were shocked, a young healthy man just dropping dead of a heart attack. God Bless her family!


Wish you would post in English.


ella era una gran actriiz y no me perece k hablen k era anorexica ni nd de esas cosas hasta saber bN ademas ella era unik definitivamente las estrellas se estan acabando el estar en hollywwood los pone mal no ven el ejemplo de heath ledger o michael jakson algo raro esta pasando pero de algo estoii segura q ella merec estar en el cielo por q se veia en se cara la pureza de joven k era

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