Shady Simon Monjack Still Blabbing, Raising Doubts

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He's accused of fraud, running up huge debts, running afoul with the law, compulsively lying and putting lovers through hell. Simon Monjack, everybody!

Brittany Murphy's British husband, whose seedy past has once again sparked speculation after her death last Sunday, wants to set the record straight.

Mr. & Mrs. Monjack

"My world was destroyed," said Monjack, who revealed that he and the 32-year-old actress were planning to start a family. "I have not slept in days."

Under different circumstances, it would be impossible not to take his words at face value: he's a grief-stricken husband who had lost the love of his life.

You may wonder, though, why Simon Monjack has talked to pretty much any newspaper, TV show and gossip publication so soon after his wife died.

Normally this comes much later. But how many bereaved husbands have to defend themselves against allegations like those faced by Simon Monjack?

When you're nicknamed "Con-Jack," that's usually not a good sign.

How did Brittany Murphy end up with this guy?

He's accused of credit card fraud, running up massive debts, visa violations and getting Murphy fired from her last film after showing up drunk on set.

"I know I have been called a conman," he admits. "I am not perfect. I never said I was. But there is so much rubbish written about me and Brittany."

Hence Simon's decision to engage in what some might describe as a personal PR campaign even before Miss Murphy was laid to rest on Christmas Eve.

Despite his denials of any wrongdoing, the question many in Hollywood are asking is: how did the beautiful and talented Brittany Murphy ever get involved with the overweight Monjack, whose talents as a "screenwriter" are dubious?

Murphy, it seems, fit into a familiar pattern. She was rich, obviously, but also very vulnerable (Monjack denies she overdosed or had an eating disorder).

Before Murphy, reports say there were a string of other women who, in one way or another, came to regret ever meeting the charming Simon Monjack.

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INSIDE EDITION is also learning that Brittany was worried that she was no longer an A-list actress. The Chicago Sun Times quotes her friend as saying, "Brittany was so obviously deeply troubled and couldn't stop talking about her concerns her career was rapidly going down the tubes." The friend, who had lunch with Brittany less than a week ago, is quoted describing Monjack's "negative impact on both Brittany's life and her career." That criticism is echoed by producer Michael Z. Gordon. Truly sad she passed away. Now we might have here about her on E-True Hollywood stories, C'mon... :( She's at peace


A lot of sweet girls can get sucked in by con men. I believe that she maybe did see something in him that others didn't. Even if he is a total jerk, she chose to marry him. If he took advantage of her and didn't love her, etc. then that would be awful. If people could know the other person 100% then relationships would be perfect. Just because he may be less attractive than her, where is it written that a couple has to be equal in the looks department? He isn't too attractive but maybe she could look past that. Who knows? Only they know what really went on in their relationship, and that is the way it should be. We are just outsiders looking in. I do believe though that her dying at the age she did was not right and if he had something to do with it, they will find that out.


Just leave the dead and leave the widow ... God died for all our sins including Monjacks and its important to know that Monjack might be talking out because its a sense of comfort ...Some people talk some people isolate themselves...Whatever it is God will judge in the end..Leave it be and move on to something else this is getting old


Women are basically masochistic - like moths to the flame. Brittany to Simon, Elin to Tiger....They get drawn in by looks, or fame, or (most of all) money. Then they bitch when it all goes off the rails, complaining that there's no "nice guys" in the world.


He is nasty!


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