Romain Zago: Not Getting Any from Joanna Krupa

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When it comes to posing with a crucifix over her vagina and breasts, Joanna Krupa says God is on her side.

We wonder how He feels about the model talking openly about sex with her fiance, Romain Zago.

Joanna Krupa Playboy Photo

In October, Krupa told E! News that practicing for Dancing with the Stars was taking up all her energy. She couldn't even give it to her man at night!

"I have no time for anything except rehearsals," she said. "When I get home from rehearsals, I don't want to be bothered. Cuddling is enough for me."

God really didn't make this body for cuddling, Joanna...

Now that she's no longer dancing with any stars, does Krupa get it on with Zago on a regular basis? Not exactly.

"It hasn't really improved," she told E! over the weekend "My fiancé left town right as my time on the show ended... Hopefully, we will finally you know... It's been most of the duration of the show, which was 14 weeks... he's not very happy."

Don't worry, Romain. Next month, you can be one of the millions of men around the world that sees Krupa naked in Playboy. That should be comforting.


What man does not want sex with somebody sometimes? While there are times that a 35 Year Old man may not feel like it, it is rare that he never wants to have sex at any point. Are you kidding me? To top that look at Joanna.... Most men would jump over hoops to get to her if she wanted to have sex with him. I'm not judging .... I'm just saying. The situation is at minimum different. Romain, the Gay Pride Celebration is in July in Los Angeles. Let her go and come out and be yourself. It's OK. It's 2013. You are a handsome man and should do well.


That's because he's gay and doesn't want to admit it. Joanna is a good cover up.

@ Anon

@ Anon - You're very smart, not too many people notice that. Good one. Yes he is a closet gay.


nice photo of her ;]

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