Rielle Hunter to John Edwards: Support Your Child!

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Rielle Hunter wants John Edwards to pay a lot of money to help support the child the two-time presidential candidate has never admitted he fathered.

How long before he's finally forced to come clean?

The National Enquirer makes up a lot of crap, but not regarding Edwards. They exposed the scandal in 2008, and appear to have proof this time too.

New documents prove beyond any doubt that John Edwards knocked up Rielle Hunter, with whom he had an affair as wife Elizabeth battled cancer.

Rielle is seeking more than $17,000 per month from the former U.S. Senator, who was forced into admitting the affair in the summer of last year.

Rielle Hunter and Frances Quinn are always on John's mind.

He still to this day hasn't admitted getting her pregnant, but his former aide and "fixer," Andrew Young, rolled over on him and all but confirmed it.

Court files from earlier this year (the case has still not been resolved) are pretty much the nail in the coffin, as Edwards is named in the litigation.

Child support documents show John has a house for Rielle and their daughter, Francis Quinn, but is battling over monthly child support payments.

Her attorney also sent her a “Family Part Case Information Statement,” which spells out Rielle Hunter is the plaintiff and Edwards the defendant.

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Rielle Doc

i personally think john and reille r NYMPHOMANIACS


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That fuc_ing bastard scumbag Edwards! All campaign contributions should be returned. All contributors should demand their money back from this egomaniac bastard. Pretty boy spent most of it on hos and that wench Hunter. Fuc*ing guy! Pay back the people who supported you with their hard earned money you shyster ho chasing bastard!


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Interesting thoughts in light of the Tiger Woods news, since the number of women with "Tiger in their tank" is still evolving, but once we have a firm number we can divide the cost to Tiger by the number of women to determine just how much each one of these affairs cost him per piece. However, when one considers the total cost to Edwards, ( divorce, alimony, lost presidential bid, and now child support at $17K per month) it seems obvious that Reille Hunter is the most expensive piece of @$$ in the history of the human race.


What a shame this guy turned out to be such a scum bag. I want my donation back!


One word describes this bastard, phony.


$17,000 a month?! Kid don't cost that much to raise. She's clearly using the kid a meal-ticket. Gold-digging home-wrecking whore!

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