Report: Tiger Woods to Check Into Rehab For Sex, Prescription Drug Addiction After Holidays

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After the holidays, Tiger Woods will check himself into rehab to seek treatment for addiction and prescription drug use, according to The National Enquirer.

We know, we know. You're not inclined to believe the Enquirer. But you didn't believe their story about Rachel Uchitel at first either, did you? Just saying.

The disgraced golfing great agreed to get help at an Arizona clinic after spending the Christmas holiday with pals as part of a deal struck with wife Elin.

He's been fighting hard to save his marriage. She is reportedly off to Sweden with their two children for the holidays, but she hasn't left him ... yet.

"Elin gave Tiger an ultimatum: seek treatment or forget about winning her back," says an insider. "Rehab is at the top of the list of things he must do."

"Tiger agreed, and he will be going into rehab in early January to treat his sexual compulsion as well as his use of the drugs Ambien and Vicodin."

Can Tiger Woods somehow escape from this rough patch?

Sometimes, as we learned from his crazy, Ambien-fueled sex romps with Rachel, Tiger's vices had a tendency to overlap. But that's all in the past.

"He has quit the PGA Tour to show Elin he is serious about changing his ways," says a Tiger source. "But Elin also wants to relocate to Sweden."

"She wants to have Tiger fire key members of his entourage to make a clean start. And, of course, he promised her he won't ever cheat again."

Of Tiger's dabbling in painkillers, the source adds:

"Before this blew up, Elin was already worried about the medication Tiger was taking ... she thinks it has contributed to the rest of his problems."

Can Tiger salvage his marriage? Or will Elin take off with the kids and half his money, which some sources are reporting is "100 percent" likely?

What do you think Elin Woods should do?


You know what? I think what he did was the lowest of the lows, but we ARE all human and who is to say what is right or wrong? IF and I say IF he IS sincere about getting treatment, at least he is trying to right a wrong. I think a person should think BEFORE they act but if he does get help and becomes a better person because of it, then how is that bad? All I can do is pray and wish anyone involved, well.


All white meat in Sweden. Perfect for Tiger.


No Sweden is probably the second worst place for golf practice.
I can only imagine one place that would be even worse - Scotland... :-)


It looks like the to-do list for Tiger sounds good...Tiger definitely has problems which need therapy... The only one requirement sticky there is relocation to Sweden which may not be a good idea... If it is just a break of several months there or having a summer resort there, sounds reasonable... But if Tiger has recovered, Elin won't want an unemployed husband...her husband needs to work and the best way he contibute to this world is golf... Sweden is not a good country for golf practice..If you see the places he reside or have homes, it is all in the hot area with sunshine and lots of green grass... I am just commenting Sweden from a practical aspect for a golfer


What about rehab for being the biggest phony bastard ever?

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