Report: Elin Woods to Divorce Tiger After Holidays

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Elin Nordegren Woods, the scorned wife of disgraced golfer Tiger Woods, has decided to leave him after Christmas and is talking with a divorce lawyer.

That's according to largely un-sourced tabloid reports coming out of the UK, and has not been confirmed by either Woods. But would you blame her?

Vintage Elin Nordegren

Sources say Elin wants the holiday season to appear normal for the couple's two children, Sam and Charlie, but will separate from Tiger shortly after.

Despite reports that Elin Woods moved out and is already back in her native Sweden, she remains in Central Florida with the two kids as of this posting.

Elin is said not to be in a huge rush to file divorce papers and that money is not a prime concern. Nor should it be, she'll be getting plenty regardless.

"I'll be taking the kids and a few hundred million, thanks."

The revelation of Tiger Woods' long list of mistresses caught her completely off guard and it’s a "raw" situation, according to friends of Elin Nordegren.

Amazing as it seems, Elin supposedly had no idea Tiger was cheating and the stress of the situation has caused her emotional and physical stress.

Unconfirmed rumors are also circulating that Tiger is still in touch with mistress Rachel Uchitel, the first of Tiger's many affairs to be publicly identified.

It also appears that Tiger, who just announced an indefinite break from golf, is in some type of counseling after Elin angrily insisted he see a therapist.

Will she stay with him? Should she stay with him? No matter how lucrative he makes the prenup, it's hard to imagine her giving him a second chance.

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Its nobody business people what happens between them its entirely their business yeah it kind of interesting to have these kind of debates about different topics but enough is enough let his wife and him figure this out they could of did this in private if there was no accident but that life shit happens he.They are both to blame we dont know what led to his running around but its not our business.At the end of the day this doesnt change my life and it shouldnt change yours.


This is ideal for Tiger! After the divorce, he can boink young trollops to his heart's content without any consequences. He'll be in whoring heaven! Way to go Tiger!


Repent Tiger or been doomed. Money, hos, fame, golf records and whatnot will not save you. Eternity is long time.


Another thing that I find hilarious....everyone listening to these whores as if their words are golden....THEY ARE WHORES, MISTRESSES AND PROSTITUTES THAT HAVE BEEN MILING THEIR "AFFAIR" FOR EVERY PENNY AND OUNCE OF ATTENTION THEY CAN GET....they are just as guilty of adultry as Tiger is....being said he was the married one, they were the paid sexual liason of a married man....they all have earned a special place in history for being nasty, sacks of shit...


WOW....what a wide array of posts here, lol.....This is what I see...the liberals that told America and the world that Bill Clinton and his numerous affairs was forgivable, but Tiger Woods (a man held to much lower social standards, than the president of the United States, as an athlete) should be considered a piece of trash the world shound shun....ANYONE ELSE SEE THE DOUBLE STANDARD AND HYPOCRISY THERE?!?! Anyhow, cheating is just as bad for the big timers as it is for the regular is a horrible thing for any person, man or woman, to do....


The media junkies have once again achieved their goal; to sell print, make money on someone else's shortfalls. For any reader who by chance reads this post, may I ask you personally a question, "Is this couples (Woods) business any of your business and vice versa? Be objective with self, if this was you, would you want your antics (Yes, you do, everyone does to a greater and/or lesser degree)put out there for all to see. Despite his/hers own device. Shall we all keep the civility of respecting others as they would respect us. Why does a negative situation "sell" more than a positive one, and often times on holidays. This souls personal thought, this is a form of cruelty dismissed and considered unaccountable for through the peering guise of work product. Our country....culture...


It's a different game on the other side; clubs and other equipment aren't issued there. I hope Tiger wisens up to play to win what lasts for an eternity.


PS - Who knows? Tiger Woods may step over into eternity tomorrow and golf and female trophies won't be the summation of his life there.


Who a man is - is not what he says, but what he LIVES OUT. What he LIVES OUT demonstrates the fiber of his heart and where his loyalties lie. However, if he is a cheater at heart, a leopard cannot change the fact he's a leopard, but he can make a decision to submit himself and all that he is to the Higher Power, God Almighty, and ask his Creator to change who he is by giving him a NEW HEART. There is nothing man can do to change who he is - there is everything GOD, the creator, can do to create in Him a NEW PERSON wherein OLD things, nature, desires & control of the flesh have been put to death. That is Tiger's only hope...and Elin's and their children. May Tiger have the wisdom & strength to lay it all down on the altar before God and choose to be placed on the Higher Road before his life is used up as a life wasted.


Divorce this jerk Elin & find a real husband! Tiger will never change.

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