Report: Britney Spears Had an Abortion

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She's shaved her head, flashed her crotch and married her high school friend during a drunken night in Las Vegas.

But there's one Britney Spears scandal that the press has been in the dark about... until now, if you believe The National Enquirer.

The supermarket tabloid reports Spears reunited with ex-husband Kevin Federline two years ago. He allegedly knocked her up, only to deny being the father when confronted with the pregnancy, and Spears went through with an abortion as a result.

Moreover, she's still dealing with the repercussions of that decision.

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During a recent meltdown, a source told the newspaper Britney cried "I killed my baby!”

The abortion leaves Spears as a downtrodden mess during the holidays, as this anonymous insider said:

“Britney fights depression every Christmas season, but this Christmas has been one of the worst for her."

Might Spears want to include this as yet another ridiculous gossip story written about her in 2009? It's possible.

Should you leave Britney some cheerful holiday messages even if the allegation is false? Yes. The troubled singer likely needs encouragement from her fans anyway.


Sometimes those who have gone thru hell are those who are most good hearted person better than the rest who keeps on yapping about other people and not looking at themselves on the mirror..lets not play god..everyone deserves not only second chance but many chances in life..we are not angel but mere human beings...we made mistakes, try to fix it as best as we could, then move on in Ms Britney, your life as beautiful as you can...


I just want to tell Brittney that she should not feel guilty about the choice she made and sometimes although it was very hard and something she will not ever forget, it does not mean she is a bad person and there are many more people out there who have gone through the same thing. I was with an abusive boyfriend and tried to break things off when he raped me on my birthday and I choose the abort the baby when I found out I was pregnant and I still feel bad about it, deep inside I feel it was the best decesion I could have made at the time and while I don't forgive him I do forgive myself.

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