Report: Britney Spears Had an Abortion

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She's shaved her head, flashed her crotch and married her high school friend during a drunken night in Las Vegas.

But there's one Britney Spears scandal that the press has been in the dark about... until now, if you believe The National Enquirer.

The supermarket tabloid reports Spears reunited with ex-husband Kevin Federline two years ago. He allegedly knocked her up, only to deny being the father when confronted with the pregnancy, and Spears went through with an abortion as a result.

Moreover, she's still dealing with the repercussions of that decision.

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During a recent meltdown, a source told the newspaper Britney cried "I killed my baby!”

The abortion leaves Spears as a downtrodden mess during the holidays, as this anonymous insider said:

“Britney fights depression every Christmas season, but this Christmas has been one of the worst for her."

Might Spears want to include this as yet another ridiculous gossip story written about her in 2009? It's possible.

Should you leave Britney some cheerful holiday messages even if the allegation is false? Yes. The troubled singer likely needs encouragement from her fans anyway.


The National Enquirer is not one to get an accurate story from. Why waste your time with a story thats most likely false?? Rumors dont count.


The only thing Miss Spears needs is a REAL FRIEND who will hold her down and be an anchor for her when the usual celeb sh*t hits the proverbial fan. That friend should be someone who has some similar experiences and can make her remember the "Britney" prior to the fame & paparazzi (trouble does a celeb know when a newcomer is for real??).
We all have our "melt-downs" but because the 'norm' has the luxury of maintaining their privacy, for someone who's constantly in the public-eye it's spun into a web of drama & scandal.
In any event she's made huge strides to convey a more mature woman to her fans, has cleaned up her messiness where other (unh-hum) celebs were concerned and seems to have tackled motherhood with a more clarified & nurturing attitude.
MAD PROPS FOR HER!!!! She's in control of her life again and is a fierce force to be reckoned with. Circus was her redemption and I'm sure her next album will be exaltation.


Britney Spears is the most amazing person on earth. She will always be everyone's idol because she is so perfect and beautiful. She isn't capable of even doing anything wrong and this is obviously not a true article. Britney absolutely adores her two only children and would do anything and everything for them and any children she may have in the future. To our Queen B, god bless you for being exactly who you are in every perfect way. :)


If it is true, it is her business; the choice is hers whether you agree with it or not. And who is even saying it is true, consider the source. I don't get why people care so much about what someone does just because they are famous, who are we to judge anyone anyway? I think if it is true she is dealing with her decision and in the end she is the only one who will have to live with the choice she made. Either way it seems there are a lot of jealous people out there who really want to see her fail and that is really sad...and really 32 years old and still sweating this poor girl? Geez can we say jealous? Get over yourself because regardless of what you may think she is still making money and will continue to be in the spotlight even if you do hate her...


Ohhhh well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Forget Britney you guys. If she wants to act stupid thats her issue


I am so happy right now. I am 3 months pregant. Its a gurl. Its due late July early august. SOOOOO britney whyd you have an abortion. People that have aboritions burn in the eternal flames no mater how much they repent. Sorry babes


who the fuck are you to judge anybody...if hate her so much y are
you on this are probably a fat loser that don't have anything going for yourself...kevin is no better than you and her he is in it for the fame and money anyone of see that but you are a big piece of shit you give him credit idiot....and maybe you should get fuck to release some anger you washed up fat hag...leave her alone and get a job bitch...PLEASE REPLY ASAP FAT ASS BITCH.......LOVE YOU BRITNEY ignore the negativity...


Katherine Bella Martinez: Wow... 32 years and you still have absolutely no class... What a dumb cunt you are, listen to yourself.


For everything that she did to the American society with her boyfriend Justin from 'NSync who, as we later found out, wasn't even her first! I am glad that she is paying like her teeth are being pulled out. I expected her to be an advocate of the single American girl, but she turned me off to marriage completely. I mean, who wants to go on a date to Taco Hell when whores like her are getting taken out on $500 dates? Man, her vagina gets really really really really really really really really really fucked.

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