Remember Him: Robert Pattinson Pictures from New Movie

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It will be difficult to top the excitement over yesterday's featured Robert Pattinson photo:

The first official image from Eclipse, which featured Pattinson's Edward and Kristen Stewart's Bella in a meadow, was released.

Still the pictures below are pretty exciting. They feature Pattinson in a new role, as a character named Tyler from the upcoming film Remember Me. The movie co-stars Pierce Brosnan and Emilie de Ravin.

While Rob and Emilie were rumored to get close during the shoot, and while they look cozy below, Stewart has nothing to worry about. All indications point to a healthy relationship between her and her Twilight Saga co-star.

Check out the following photos to see Pattinson as someone other than Edward Cullen...


robert and kristen look good together!!!! not the girl in the pic !! grrr


He's so adorable....


Oh my GOD he is so hot


meant Tyler, not Tiler


now who said "girls love Edward, not Robert"? i hope "Remember me" movie will help guys all over the world forgive Rob for being him so sparkling and beautiful, cause it's much easier for them to imagine themselves in unlucky Tiler's shoes than in the perfect Edward's ones.


this guy is the hottest thing that God ever created ....


yummy!!! he is so fine

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