Reggie Bush Proposal: Denied by Kourtney Kardashian!

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When Reggie Bush lines up across from linebacker Brian Urlacher on Sundays, he has no fear.

But place the NFL star next to a hormone-laden Kourtney Kardashian, days after she gave birth, and the running back cowers in trepidation.

Such was the case last week, according to sources that claim Bush was set to finally propose to Kim Kardashian - until an irate Kourtney stepped in and threw a fit over the possibility that this engagement news would overshadow her status as a new mother.

"Kourtney screamed at Reggie, 'You can't do this to me!'" a family friend told The National Enquirer. "Kourtney is extremely hormonal right now, and her emotions got the best of her. Reggie was stunned and caught completely off-guard."

The anonymous, clearly legitimate source added that Bush was so frightened by this display that he's shelved plans for a proposal until early 2010.

Photo of Kourtney

Flipping for Publicity, Touchdowns: Kourtney Kardashian and Reggie Bush.

There have been rumors for months that Kim is jealous of Kourtney's motherhood.

This friend says the hostility runs both ways.

"There's always been underlying tension because Kourtney feels like she's been playing second fiddle to Kim for so long. She was hoping the last days of her pregnancy and the first few weeks with her newborn would be all about her."

Kourtney hoping for things to be all about her? That's the only part of this story we actually believe.


You all need to get a life and stop living through others!! Odviously if reggie wants to purpose he will! As for kourt she will get the attention she needs for having her baby.I just think its so funny all these idiots have nothing better to do then try to pretend like they know anything about these people get a life lameos you a bunch of good for nothings and no one cares for your ignorant rude comments :)


Wow "Michelle" racist much? So because Reggie is black he needs to date black women? So would people who are a mix of two or more races need to find someone of the exact same mix in order to please you? Weird. Maybe he is not attracted to black women, I don't like guys with red hair. We all have our preferences get over it.


Reggie Bush is a idiot the man clearly would not date a woman of his own race to save his mothers life. He is a stupid man and who cares if want to marry Ray J's left over whore. Kim K is such a drama queen if I was Reggie Bush's mother I would kick his lame a== the man is 24 and Kim is 29 going on 30, no thanks to that tramp in my family. Make you wonder if Reggie knows he is African American or is he color blind when he look at his family. What a ass he is really Reggie try looking in the mirror some time and see your self as a African American man who has pride in being one.


I still can't get over the fact that some people believe this story. Wow lol.


i wish the sisters need to get a life i love kim but they need to leave kim and reggie along and let them get marry so what if khole got marry and so what if kounrty just had a baby its kims turn to have the spotlight.


Well, i think that people shouldnt make accusations if they dont know what they talking about and u even know KIM? have u ever met her? cause the way ya'll are speaking about her is like u know her entire atobiography.
So tell me when you guys get lives and reaslize that we shouldnt judg book by its cover...
(u will notice that iam completly against gossip, me myself, i am a girl to and beleve me to findout someone or people are gossiping about u behind your back... IT SUCKS and no person can tell me that they act ash_-blond when u are the topic of the town)
well thats all for now all enjoy whats left of the festive season! GL@M0UROU$ D!v@


Kourtney a MEAN JEALOUS TOTAL BIT**!! Let Kim and Reggie get engaged when they want to!! GET ENGAGED NOW-Kim and Reggie!!


Well i think Reggie Bush shouldnt marry Kim. She iz fake and i juss dnt like ha. she is jealous of kourtney and khloe. she needs her on life because she is ruding everybody else life and she is keepin reggie off of focus when he is playin and i am lookin for the Saints to go to the SUPERBOWL. so he doesnt need to pressure on him rite now.


all this shit about kourtney and bush is soooo0o not true...
what the fuck are you guys thinking? that youll make an extra three dollars out of writing this crap!
And to all of the dumb biatches and barstards who go off and gossip about this SO FALSE ,BORING, UNMATURED, SHIT!
you guys seriously need lives.....
Become a grasscutter or check into the nearest convent cause all of ya'll need all the elp u can get....AND I MEAN IT.
Imagine you surfing the net and theres this fucking artical about you having an HORMONIal ATTACK because of your sisters boy friend...... AND if this is true i take every word back cauise seriously now ...
Gl@m0r0u$ d!v@

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