Rachel Uchitel or Elin Nordegren: Who'd You Rather ...

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Rachel Uchitel or Elin Nordegren? A question for the ages.

Tiger Woods may or may not have had an affair with the former, but regardless of whether Rachel is Tiger Woods' mistress, how does she stack up with his wife?

Hot Rachel Uchitel Picture
Elin Nordegren Topless

We apologize for the lack of better images of Rachel Uchitel. For a woman who gets around like she does, you'd think there would be more pics available. Alas.

Still, do your best with what you've got here and tell us by voting in the survey below: How insane is Tiger Woods Who would you rather ... you know?

Who would you rather ...


These pics do not tell the truth - there are better pictures of Rachel Uchitel and it's a long time since Elin Nordegren has looked like this - not to mention, this picture of Elin was part of a photo shoot with flattering lighting and whatnot. At this point in history, Elin does appear to have the moral high ground (although we really have no idea what lies Tiger told his mistresses), but the stress and weight loss have left her not-so-hot any more. Folks seem to be answering a moralistic question instead of an aesthetic one.


Rachel Uchitel is hot. But seems to have gone Brunette lately. Still she is just one of 10 other women linked to Tiger. He sure got around. Rachel must have known something was up why she went to the Enquirer when nobody else wanted to publish the story.


Rachel Uchitel is a typical skanky, money-obsessed, overdone slore who will do anything for attention and free publicity. In a marketing company's profile of her well before the Tiger Woods rumors, she said, "I’ve been romantically linked to a famous baseball player, a Broadway star, a musician, and various film and television actors..." Romanetically linked? Who the fuck knows who this slut is, let alone cares about her enough to run rumors about who she's "romantically linked" to? She has fake boobs, a fake face, she's a pathological liar, and most importantly she's a massive attention whore who thinks this is her ticket to fame. Such scum.


elin. rachel is okay, but a bit too much makeup and too much surgery.makes you wonder whats hiding under there when she rolls over in the morning.elin is much hotter.. not buying these rumors though. not after it was reported that rach offered to take a lie detector test and the enquirer passed. sounds like more tabloid lies.

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