Rachel Uchitel Now Admits Affair with Tiger Woods

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Rachel Uchitel, the first woman linked to Tiger Woods in what became an infamous series of alleged affairs, now says there's nothing alleged about it.

When first confronted about it last week, she denied an affair took place. But Uchitel now says she was lying then to protect him, and that it's true.

Sources say a series of sexy texts between Tiger and Rachel were what ultimately sparked his fight with wife Elin Woods the morning of his car crash.

Rachel Uchitel did indeed have an affair with the golfer, she says, and it was her, not Jaimee Grubbs, who caused the argument at Tiger's house.

It was Jaimee Grubbs who produced a voicemail of Tiger begging her to change her voicemail greeting, but it appears Rachel triggered the melee.

Woods has also been linked to a third mistress, Kalika Moquin.

Tiger and his wife are believed to have gotten into an epic fight that caused Tiger's injuries and immediately preceded his SUV crash early Friday.

Despite her earlier denials, it looks like serial adulterer Rachel Uchitel did have an affair with Tiger Woods after all. Bet he'd like to take a mulligan on that.

Less than an hour before Tiger's accident, Rachel and Tiger were texting each other. Elin Nordegren confronted Tiger and asked who he was texting.

She grabbed the phone and called Rachel to confront her. According to sources, Tiger and Elin began arguing and the phone broke in the process.

Additionally, sources say there was damage - not just to Tiger's face, but to the vestibule area of his home - and that damage cannot be easily fixed.

That is a big reason Tiger would not let police in during repeated attempts for an interview. A domestic violence investigation was ultimately dropped.

Rachel Uchitel and her lawyer, Gloria Allred, will hold a news conference today at 11:30 a.m. PST. What the nut job will say or do next is anyone's guess.

UPDATE: The press conference is now off amid reports of a deal between Rachel and Tiger, hashed last night, basically involving cash for her silence.

We cannot confirm if a financial overture has been made. TMZ does say Tiger's camp knew her original plan was to lie and deny their sexual relationship.

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Ron Jeremy Says:
How can you allow this post?
Don't you have any standards for posters? Typical Hollywood!


She wasn't all that bad.


So, basically, she wants to go on the record as saying she is a homewrecking whore. And Tiger is a despicable, lying dog...Tiger my @ss!


Uchitel is damned ugly, and I bet in conversation she would not come across as particularily intelligent either, so whats up with these celebs that they fall into the blindingly obvious $$$ trap? Perhaps these celebs are not so smart either, or exceedingly desperate, or have problems controlling their sperm count - what else could be the possible explanation for boning an ugly well used tart/ho ? Or perhaps her vagina gives accurate stock market forecasts... like what else does the douch bag have that is really worth screwing your life up for?


Tiger woods should teach his own daughter to stay away from married men. It is just wrong to be involved with someone married. He should see his kids on weekends and be free to romance whoever he chooses. marriage cant be for him. oh- and also he should watch the new movie - 9


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Maybe Tiger should be playing on the Hooters Tour instead?


Rachel be a scum-sucking ho!!!!!


Good thing Tiger has talent. Not much between the ears !!!!!
Text? Voice Mails?


OMG! Rachel Uchitel totally did that. And she is coniving enough to have made such a shrewd decision on the spot. She has had extensive plastic surgery these past few months so she is vain and, to add, a lunatic. She played Tiger- isn't that a shame?! Rachel's upper class trash. But didn't you already see that?

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