Public is Seeing the Real Adam Lambert, Kris Allen Says

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During his appearance on The View last week, Adam Lambert wondered about the public's fascination with his raunchy American Music Awards performance. He asked: was it really that big of a deal?

Over the weekend, Lambert's close friend and former competitor, Kris Allen, echoed that sentiment. After all, Adam's antics didn't take him by surprise at all.

That's who he is," Allen told the media at Z100's Jingle Ball. "Obviously, he couldn't do that stuff on Idol. And so you're getting to see the real Adam now."

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Asked his specific thoughts on Lambert's grinding and kissing at the infamous event, Allen replied:

"I thought it was Adam being Adam. I'm going to get a shirt that just says, 'That's Adam.'"

Regarding album sales, being Adam has worked for Lambert. His CD has sold the second most copies of any debut album this year, while Allen, unfortunately, has watched his first effort plummet down the charts.

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ow my god!!!!!!!!!!!


hey adam now i like you and i love you and come on my birthday in friday 15,12,2009 i omar yaman please


Hey Carly-Why is it OK for Kris Allen fans to come on every blog about Adam Lambert and diss him and all of his fans. I am really tired of this. I have always tried to keep quiet about my dislike for Kris because his is supposed to be one of Adam's friends, but for some reason people like you seem to think it is OK to bash Adam, but not Kris. Well, I am tired of people like you and I am am tired of being nice. If you don't like it just go away.


I think Kris was just being inarticulate. I know that every performance Adam does is Adam being Adam. No one is better at acting out the lyrics of his song than Adam. Which is why he is such an amazing performing artist. Kris probably didn't mean it like it sounded, but I hope he cleans up his comment soon and isn't be unconsciously jealous of Adam. They are good friends, and I hope they are able to remain friends for a long time even though Adam has more Star power.


@Stacie: ... And YOU need to grow up, and come back later when you're mature enough to take part in a civil discussion. I'm guessing that you're about twelve, judging by your childish, mean tone -- You haven't lived life enough to learn good manners and how to live by the Golden Rule.


Kris needs to shut his mouth. He sounds like a dog howling when he sings, and he looks just like a chimp. I have a feeling he is almost as smart as a chimp too. I wish he would just go away!!!


I am one of Adam's biggest fans who has gotten in some face to face arguments defending him from bashers. I'm not a fan of Kris at all. But even I can see no malice in what Kris said so I don't know why people are taking offense.


i want a t shirt that says "YOU SAY I'M FLAMBOYANT LIKE IT'S A BAD THING".


adam lambert mr. perfectionist- good human being plus has a great voice-the bet so far .adam lambert is my elvis presley and michael jackson now iwatch him perform all the time.


Oh, for goodness' sake ... Does every syllable have to be dissected?!? Kris (who -call me naive- is still a friend of Adam's) probably meant that, now that Adam is 'free' of Idol, he is showing more of his performance side, including some that are reminiscent of the Zodiac Show. Have YOU (readers) ever said something, and later thought you could have put it in a better way?? I can't imagine what it would be like to have my every word pounced on -- Unfortunately, that's what eventually makes many in the public eye so 'guarded,' and what a bore THAT is for the public! Then, all we hear are carefully cultivated sound-bytes! I think we can all chill.

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