Pete Carroll Denies Affair with Grad Student

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In an interview, just-fired Notre Dame football Charlie Weis appeared to suggest that his USC, counterpart, Pete Carroll was living with a grad student.

Weis says his remarks were taken out of context, but after the Tiger Woods scandal, the married Carroll was promptly put under a media microscope.

Here's how it went down. In a Q & A with, Weis was asked to compare the way he was portrayed in the news media to the way Carroll is.

There is no more beloved figure in Southern California than Carroll, whereas Charlie felt he could do no right with the press and scrutiny in South Bend.

Weis was asked how he felt about the way the media treats him at Notre Dame compared to how a coach like Carroll is treated. His response was:

Did Charlie Weis just out Pete Carroll's grad student affair?

"Let me ask you this: You guys know about things that go on in different places. Was I living with a grad student in Malibu, or was I living with my wife in my house? You could bet that if I were living with a grad student here in South Bend, it would be national news. [Carroll] doing it in Malibu and it’s not national news. What’s the difference? I don’t understand. Why is it okay for one guy to do things like that, but for me, I’m scrutinized when I swear. I’m sorry for swearing; absolve my sins."

Carroll, a married father of three, strongly denied Weis' allegation.

“It’s untrue, it’s irresponsible, and it’s incredible he’d be talking about me like that,” a far-from-pleased Carroll said, according to The Los Angeles Times.

Weis later said he was being "totally subjective" in a conversation with several reporters that was an aside to the formal interview he was conducting.

He said he was speaking about rumors and how they adversely affect lives of coaches and families, and merely meant that if Pete Carroll were secretly dating a graduate student, he wouldn't be as scrutinized for it because of his success.

Weis says he has left a message for Carroll and will do anything to "run Pete down and apologize" if the quote caused any offense to the USC coach.


You know good and well that Charli Weiss had the inside scoop but realized that bashing Pete Carroll wasn'tgoing to help his career. How can anyone believe anything that Pete Carroll says.


usc did finish in the top 25 you tardballs.


Hellion, USC does suck.............4 losses and out of the top 25......Ol' Petey is getting his, you know it. Hook 'em.


note to Charlie Weis - the comment that you made about Pete Carroll / USC on Dec 6, 2009 is just another example of why you did not have success at Notre Dame. It doesn't matter if your comment was in context or not. How unprofessional for you to bring this comment to the media. You messed up - I would highly recommend that you get your ass on an airplane and meet Pete Carroll face to face for an apology.


That is right.. And if your team does not suck you can get away with paid apartments to you best players (i.e. Reggie Bush) and not get scrutinized for that either!


Charlie Weis: The reason why you are scrutinized so much is because your team sucks. Pete Carrol's team does not suck therefore he isn't as scrutinized. PS - Charlie Weis needs to take his whiney, fat ass back to whiney fat ass land and stop throwing everyone else under the bus.


Tiger is, after all, a Pac-10 alum. You wonder if he and Pete might have exchanged some notes on the sidelines before a game.