PETA Honors Ellen DeGeneres and Tim Gunn, Still Sucks

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We have a shocking development: PETA has made news for a reason other than taking off the clothes of a D-list celebrity!

Has it saved a number of animals? Of course not. This organization doesn't actually care about that mission.

Instead, it's named new American Idol judge Ellen DeGeneres and Project Runway host Tim Gunn as its Woman and Man of the Year, respectively.

"Their message that animals must be treated kindly and respectfully has reached scores of people, and many of them have changed their buying habits, all because Gunn and DeGeneres spoke up for the voiceless," PETA president Ingrid Newkirk said in a statement this week.

New Idol Judge
Tim Gunn

DeGeneres became a vegan in 2008; while Gunn always champions designs that use fake fur, faux reptile prints and other animal-friendly fabrics.

We're just shocked PETA didn't ask either celeb to pose naked. That's the way it typically makes headlines, wasting millions of dollars on Khloe Kardashian nude billboards instead of actually putting that money where the problems lie.

Click on the following photos to check out the random stars that have posed for PETA this year:

Nude for PETA
Cloris Leachman PETA Ad
Jayde Nicole PETA Ad
PETA Lover

How shameless to bash those who are working to reduce needless violence and suffering. What is Hollywood Gossip doing so much to make the world a better place? Nothing but wasting time and resources criticizing the efforts of others. Get a life.


THG actually does have many facts correct, Sheeps. PETA refused to help rehab the pitbulls owned by Michael Vick because it said it would be too costly.
Meanwhile, how much do you think it cost to post billboards of Khloe nude around NYC? Hundreds of thousands? Millions? Is there literally a single person alive you think changed his/her views on fur because Khloe Kardashian was naked on a poster?


Awesome! Someone finally gets it!


should you perhaps make more research on the matter before posting such outrageous small minded conclusions about the organisations you clearly know nothing about? Sad to see that a person working with media has such little knowledge and such a short sight. Very sad actually, and very insulting.

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