NeNe Leakes: Still a Real Housewife

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Following rumors that she and frenemy Kim Zolciak might be fired from The Real Housewives of Atlanta, NeNe Leakes is finally addressing the chatter.

She told Sister2Sister Magazine that she hasn't heard anything negative about her status on the Bravo series and:

"This is all I can tell you. Every housewife has been invited back."

Reports have indicated that Leakes and Zolciak were demanding larger paychecks, along with many other "diva-esque requests." This is truly shocking for any regular viewer of the show... NOT!

NeNe Picture

Added NeNe:

"They try to lock you in for a number of years. We all signed up for a third season when we signed on from day one. If anybody has been fired, nobody knows anything about it. We know nothing about it. I don't know where the rumor came from."

Leakes also denied that Tameka Raymond, Usher's ex-wife, would be cast on the show.

Are you glad NeNe will be sticking around?


Yes, she needs to stay.
I mean, she is a "real housewife" of Atlanta isn't she?
She's a loud mouthed joke.
A fat assed pig
Another washed up, messed up, ex stripper.
I for one am soo happy we don't live in St Marlowe any longer.
I'd probably shoot myself if I had to see her and her gay-fer pet dog Dwight in their high heels running on the golf course.
Congrats've gett-ho-ized St Marlow.
They'll rent to any pig that can come up with 2 grand a month.


Hell yeah.... It's nothing like having drama maker on the team. If Bravo fired NeNe what in the hell would we be talking about. If it wasn't for her there would be no "Real Housewife’s of Atlanta." She makes this show. You have to admit the only reason why we watch is to see who she's mad at, who's tryin to be her friend, and who's face she's going to crack next. People try to knock her, but she's doing the damn thang... You can talk all you want JAX, but the truth is she's on TV and you're not. She has that big check and you don't. Stop hating. It's now clear she's doing a good job keeping you watch so close that you can tell when it's time for her tracks to be replace. Everyone has a bad day. But you are only doing what comes naturally to a hater and that's hating.


NeNE is the Show! If she ever leaves, so will I. She is the most colorful, down to earth character on the show.


Nene is the worst one on the show. Her behavior is so obtuse and obnoxious. She is drama and has horrible disgusting hair. No matter what she does to her appearance, where she goes to shop, fine food she puts in her mouth she will always be a sloppy mess. Fix that goofy eye with your so called money.


Yes! NeNe is my favorite...

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