Natalie White Outwits, Outlasts Russell Hantz on Survivor: Samoa Finale

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We demand a recount!

On last night's live finale of Survivor: Samoa, Natalie White was overwhelmingly voted the latest series champion. She takes home one million dollars for her efforts, even though most viewers agree that Russell Hantz controlled the game - and White, really - throughout the season.

After the jury voted, Russell - who took home the $100,000 fan favorite prize for Player of the Season - said "the nice girl outwitted and outplayed" him.

Russell Hantz

As often happens on Survivor, the contestants refused to reward the grand prize to the person that actually played the best game.

Russell was shocked and disappointed by that decision.

"It's amazing to me how people play the game," he told E! News. "You want to be honest, have integrity, in the game? You ever play Monopoly, where you take people's houses and kick 'em out in the street? That's a game. But it's part of it, I guess."

In other words: shame on you, jury, for not acknowledging that Survivor is like any other game. The most skilled player, not the nicest individual, should come out on top.

White, of course, claims her kindness was a strategical skill.

"I made it my mission to get to... try to figure out what the voting criteria was going to be. I think because of the genuine relationships that I built, they wanted to give it to someone they truly know and will do well with the money."

Survivor returns on February 12 with an edition titled Heroes vs. Villains. No doubt Russell will be included in the latter group - and we'll be cheering him on the entire time!


Russell played the best game ever! Never seen the losing tribe take over the wining tribe and knock them off one by one! (they had double the number of players) The jury couldn't leave their personal feelings out of the voting. Glad that wasn't a real jury in court! Russell couldn't have taken Jaison because he knew jury would have voted for him! Again, Russell played the best game ever!


Congratulations to Natalie! I've watched "Survivor" from the first and I've never disliked anyone as much as I do Russell. I admit that he played a good game but his attitude is too much. Throughout the show he did everything he could to make people dislike him - he thought he was invincable and had the game in his hand - HA! The ultimate reward for me was watching hime in tears when he lost LOLOL


I agree that Russell should have won. He was amazing in how he controlled the game. Russell should have thought more about the jury votes however and brought Jaison to the final. That was his only fatal mistake.


YES! Russell did get robbed. I can't believe those people voted for Natalie who did NOTHING...but follow and do everything Russell told her to do. Whether you like Russell or cannot deny that he played the game the entire time and outwitted & outplayed everyone. The jury members held a grudge because he duped them---if it wasn't for Erick's rant about Natalie-- none of the others would have considered her. RUSSELL YOU THE MAN!


Plain and simple Russel got robbed. I have watched every season of Survivor and never seen a more brilliant game. Natalie may have played a good game, but Russel's was by far the best. Hatch couldn't even beat this guy in game.

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