Natalie White Outwits, Outlasts Russell Hantz on Survivor: Samoa Finale

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We demand a recount!

On last night's live finale of Survivor: Samoa, Natalie White was overwhelmingly voted the latest series champion. She takes home one million dollars for her efforts, even though most viewers agree that Russell Hantz controlled the game - and White, really - throughout the season.

After the jury voted, Russell - who took home the $100,000 fan favorite prize for Player of the Season - said "the nice girl outwitted and outplayed" him.

Russell Hantz

As often happens on Survivor, the contestants refused to reward the grand prize to the person that actually played the best game.

Russell was shocked and disappointed by that decision.

"It's amazing to me how people play the game," he told E! News. "You want to be honest, have integrity, in the game? You ever play Monopoly, where you take people's houses and kick 'em out in the street? That's a game. But it's part of it, I guess."

In other words: shame on you, jury, for not acknowledging that Survivor is like any other game. The most skilled player, not the nicest individual, should come out on top.

White, of course, claims her kindness was a strategical skill.

"I made it my mission to get to... try to figure out what the voting criteria was going to be. I think because of the genuine relationships that I built, they wanted to give it to someone they truly know and will do well with the money."

Survivor returns on February 12 with an edition titled Heroes vs. Villains. No doubt Russell will be included in the latter group - and we'll be cheering him on the entire time!


If you think Russel played the best game you are stupid. The point is to win the million bucks and the jury votes and they all know that. You don't get their votes you don't win plain and simple. Russel isn't even in the top 19 of the best players.


Natalie is ingenious for playing the game she did! If you don't know what I'm talking about then your not even smart enough to watch the damn show.


I am so proud of Natalie and I'm glad she won. Yeah Rus played a really good game but that's not all there is too it so deal! and i thought she and brett would've been cute together haha o well...


Yes, I believe that Russell got robbed of the title and money. Your soposed to outwit and outplay in survivor not give the money to someone who did nothing. I was really shocked and disappointed that it turned out that way. The jury was just acting like a bunch of kids and decided they were gonna take revenge on Russell by not voting for him. That is rediculous. That is not what survivor is about. Just my 2 cents. Russell is the winner in my opinion.


All those stupid and vindictive jurors got played by Russel....they didn't vote for Natalie to win, they voted for Russell to lose, and we all know (all of us, including Natalie) that was a cowardly and ignorant thing to do. Russell will be back, I guarantee...He was the best player I've ever seen on this show, after viewing all the seasons....BEST EVER!!


it's a fucking game people...russell was machiavellian in his ever...those who believe he shouldn't have won are surprisingly all women, including the above barry, windom, etc...go figure a woman would vote simply out of spite...survivor is NOT reality's "outwit, outplay, outlast" and then go back to your real life...or as it were, reality...what a fucking joke...


Russell did not deserve to win Survivor. Part of playing the game is being aware of the jury who will determine the winner. Natalie was brilliant...she let Russell take the bullet and she didn't allienate the jury. Everyone who thinks Russell should have won didn't have to spend all that time with him. He went beyond being a stategic player to the point of being malicious. And was a sore loser....pouting like a 5 year old at the reunion show. Hail, Natalie!!!!!


Difficult one!! Natalie did not deserve to win, however Russell spoke of people like they were all stupid and he was the only smart one. Well, he got played, revenge is a bitch. He has to learn that he cannot go around speaking ill of people it will come back to bite him in the end. Is he really a millionaire Or was he thinking that this was an easy way of making a cool million? Somehow, I think the latter.


Seeing russell mad and on the verge of tears put such a big smile on my face and made me laugh so hard I almost got sick. His big mouth and ego is why he lost. He was always going on about how great he was and how he controlled everything. And he's an attention whore. I mean you see that crap about offering Natalie money just to be called "Sole Survivor"? Or how everyone loves him. He's a douche.


Russell totally deserved to win! Nat road his coat tails the whole game. Its funny how she sat there after she won ''smiling really big'' and acted like she had a big role in HIS plots! Lol wateva..did u see his face? He was pissed! He knew he was cheated. The jury was mad becuz they were out played, its that simple. The worst ending ever! Give credit were its due.

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