Naked Brangelina Sculpture Aims to Inspire "Sexual Healing"

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Are you having trouble with your sex life? Do you want to meet two of the world's most famous celebrities when they're in town?

If so, "artist" Daniel Edwards has the solution for you: therapy The Brangelina!

Separate Lives

The sculptor has carved a statue of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, naked and embracing one another, titled it "The Brangelina" and placed it inside an Oklahoma City home of the same name. For what possible reason? Says publicist Cory Allen:

"The 'Brangelina' sculpture is destined to exist forever, the way Brad and Angie's relationship will persist in peoples' memories. Theirs is the Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton romance of our time."

We're not making this up: the creation is embedded with shards from wine glasses that Pitt and Jolie allegedly drank out of while celebrating their anniversary.

The statue above is installed in the bedroom ceiling of the new residence and is meant to inspire "sexual healing."

Is it also meant to inspire ridiculous stories about whatever couples sleeps underneath it?

Reportedly, the future owners of the house must promise to accommodate Brangelina any time the pair is in town visiting Brad's grandmother, who resides in the neighborhood.

Said the artist that came up with the idea for the house inspired by the world's most famous couple:

"I believe every home in America should become an 'honorary home' to our Superstars, in order to connect celebrities and regular people in spirit."

Forget spirit. Tiger Woods has been connecting with regular people in bed!


why doesnt she have nipples?? (: OO


this is nasty... they're old. why would they condone this and embarrass their kids like this? brad doesn't look like that... he looks like and old, ugly hobo


I'm sick of people putting the brangefreaks on a pedastal and worshipping them like they're Jesus and mother Teresa. Not everyone has to advertise what they do for charity. I believe those who do it secretly without anyone else noticing are the most sincere and genuine. Those who do it for the lime light--FAAAAAAKE. Oh yah and the statue is ugly. =)


Hey, Hellion aka RETARD so the amount someone donates to charity determines their self worth? since when and wtf do you think you are to say that the brangilinafreaks are better than any other couple? people like you make me wanna puke all over their face.
you sound like another brangelina obsessed ass-kisser piece of trash--here's a hint: those two don't give a rats ass about you. so just get on with your life cuz they aren't doing anything for you or any of their other fans.
oh, and another thing: their "attractive" now but beauty fades. look in the mirror 10 years from now and see (that is, if you're still alive by then).


um, this is pathetic to say the least.. all the people involved need to stop using other people's fame for their own vanity..
why can't they create using some "creativity".. now, that's a new concept!


Lots of people give time and money to charity in proportion to their incomes - they just don't make sure to alert the press every time they do. Because they do it to help others, not for publicity.


whats with the bird?


She looks more like Maura Tierney...and what's up with Brad's hands... it's like a squirl's an akward position.


Pak31: Who are you kidding? Brangelina is more important than other couples simply because they donate so much time and money to charity. I don't see you and your wife making any kind of a difference in this world. BTW - They are also very attractive people. nathanicy: please take you crap solicitations elsewhere.


what a nut job. Brangelina will exist in our minds forever not because of them, but because the media jams them down our throats. They are only a big deal because the media MAKES them a big deal. They are no more important than another other couple out there.

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