MTV Pulls Snooki Sucker Punch From Jersey Shore

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Jersey Shore has only aired three episodes, but it's already generating massive amounts of controversy - even in episodes that haven't even aired yet.

MTV has decided to pull footage of next week's situation - not The Situation - in which Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi gets punched in the face ... by a man.

Network execs ordered the cuts after downloaded copies of Thursday night's on-air Jersey Shore promo showing the sucker-punch caused a stir online.

Calling it a sucker punch may not even be an accurate term, actually, since the meathead is looking Nicole Polizzi in the face as he frickin' levels her.

"What happened to Snooki was a crime and obviously extremely disturbing," MTV said in a statement regarding its decision to pull the punch scene.

Snooki gets punched on next week's Jersey Shore.

"After hearing from our viewers and seeing how the video footage has been taken out of context not to show the severity of this act or resulting consequences, MTV has decided not to air Snooki being physically punched in the face."

The fight and its aftermath will be addressed, though, along with an ad sponsored by the loveisrespect and Teen Dating Abuse Helpline organization.

An MTV rep says no further cuts are planned (though the show interestingly stopped using the terms "guido" and "guidette" on this week's episode).

Dan Ferro, a Queens, N.Y., gym teacher, was the guy who hit Snooki, and was arrested on the spot. He was found guilty of assault, fined, sentenced to anger management counseling and given a six-month suspended jail term if he stays clean.

Here's the part of next week's Jersey Shore promo showing Snooki getting closed-fist cocked. It's rough. The guy may have gotten off too easily ...


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