Movers Arrive as Elin Woods Prepares to Leave Tiger

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With each passing day, it's looking like less of a question of whether Elin Nordegren Woods will leave cheating husband Tiger and more a matter of when.

Moving crews yesterday descended on the family's Florida mansion, where Tiger Woods' furious wife has been living since his sexual escapades blew up.

Elin Nordegren and Her Children

"She's making plans to move out and take the kids," a New York Post source said. She's planning to go somewhere warm and Tiger-free for Christmas."

As for why the scorned spouse, who's already been seen without her wedding ring, stuck around this long? "Their son had the flu, but he's now recovered."

Workers pulled up to the Windermere, Fla., estate in a truck with ladders, buckets and rope, and began carting out items such as carefully wrapped art.

Elin Nordegren spent about 10 minutes instructing movers before driving off in her red Buick SUV with daughter Sam, 2, and son Charlie, 10 months.

Tiger and soon-to-be-ex-wife Elin Woods with kids Sam and Charlie.

Adding to Elin's stress - and giving her even more reason to divorce Tiger - might be a new claim by several Tiger Woods mistresses that he paid them.

Not just for sex, although he has been accused of that too. Reports say Tiger shelled out thousands to keep them quiet about any steamy sexual antics.

The billionaire golfer would typically wire his stable of women $5,000 to $10,000 apiece each month, although one may have landed up to $20,000.

"The money comes via a wire transfer," one of the alleged ex-mistresses said. "There's no contract about it. There's no discussion about what it's for."

We all know what it's for, though: Shutting up. Or liposuction.

Tiger Woods is also said to have contacted some of his mistresses after the epic fight with his wife over Thanksgiving weekend exposed his secret life.

"Elin took his cellphone away [after the fight], so he had to call [me] from his land line at home," one said. "He hasn't called in at least a week, though."

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Lots of guessing going on. Elin so pure, Tiger so bad, kids so hurt. guess you had tea with Elin and she disclosed her plans to you? Or maybe you had a drink with tiger himself and he disclosed this information to you, on the state of his marriage. Maybe the little Tigers told you how hurt they are? Ormaybe your all full of crap. So another man proves that he is not perfect! Headline news only because it is Tiger Woods. The only problem with their marriage is going to be nosy people like yourselfs who keep otherwise worthless reporting possible. You people should be thanking Tiger and people like him for giving you a reason to live. Without him you have no life. It seems to me that you live through the media attention that his kind of person generates. They give you a reason to wake up and read and then gossip. You can rest assured of one thing no matter what paths their live take it will have nothing to do with your gossiping and ill founded one sided advice.


Elin raises the children while this ass-ho plays golf for money and works the top priced hos from cost to cost. One or two or three hos might be ok as all dogs need their pipe cleaned. Women know this. But this is more than just that. Tiger is a ho nother story. This is someone who felt he could do anything because he has billions. Rich scumbags are all alike, make up the rules as they go and destroy lives. Tiger will meet his Maker and no matter how good he felt balling his scum filled hos one thing is for certain, he’s gonna have a hot ass of another kind. Elin has her work cut out. No woman should live with this disgrace. No woman should be made a fool like this. If a few "transgression" (pipe cleanings) did not do the trick he should have been honest and worked a divorce instead of being a phony scum bag dog bastard. Having the bullshit image of “the family man� made him millions too. Now he can go with the hos and pose for commercials. Good luck.


Agree with the ladies above, tho I'm a guy. Tiger has revealed himself over and over as a lowlife. He courts and marries this sweet-looking (I refer to her presumed personality) woman yet cheats on her every chance he gets. What a profound humiliation for her. And her children. Tells the waitresses his marriage is for publicity? He has no ethics. Hey -- WE fans are snookered by his sham publicity. He deserves no mercy from us or the media. I hope he gets heckled on the greens and never wins another tournament.


If Elin was in it for the money, she would have left him a long time he has been screwing around on her from the get-go. She has known about it and confronted him on it, many times....he plays her just like his dad played his mom. He is a player, she could've had anyone she wanted....she fell for a sham of a man, a piece of trash that dresses up like a nice young, she knows how his deceipt has been controlling his life and he never intended to for the hills, Elin.....don't look back, this man is a piece of crap...


Tiger Woods, Champion Hole in One Athlete, Winner of the World Wide Woodie International Games, Okay sorry for the jabs - I still love your golf game. We hear a lot about your sexual escapades, no doubt so did your wife, long, long, long before she chose to marry you, in full light of your playboy side, an open secret in the world of the uber-wealthy. We see she's pretty, but pretty alone doesn't make a marriage. We've heard only one side, of the terrible cheating party man, but we all know that the right woman stops ALL that. Always has. You chose wrong. Move on Tiger, you're the one with the brains and talent. She's the one who contracted with you for this marriage, hope her DV does not spill over to the kids she will likey raise with the old bat in Sweden, divorced I see, did her Mom club her Dad too? In Sweden they promote all that hitting in the marriage, one raeson scandinavian suicide rates are so high. Get out of their cold scene.


The mistake happen 5 years ago. What happen for better or worse? Little Miss Elin saw dollars signs and sign up for the job! Tiger request to work this problem out. Giving him an ultimatium to leave golf profession or divorce is DEAD WRONG!!!! Golf was his life BEFORE he met her and she still married him!! I don't agree in what he did, but he was trying to fix the problem. He has now lost some of his sponsor support. Hint..Hint Miss Elin...SO IS YOUR LIFE STYLE!!! DIDNT THINK OF THAT DID YOU?!!!!. Oh yeah, you'll walk away with a hefty some. Im quite sure his Dad is looking down in disapointment!!! Oh yeah! YOU WERE A NANNY....HUMMMMMMMM!! Nannies didnt make that kind of money...did you?!!! My word to Tiger....SHE WAS A NANNY.....TAKE THE HINT!!!!!!!!!!!


hopefully she cleans that place out!


Leave that bastard. Women have to take so much from ho loving skunks like Tiger. If he could "wire" his hos 20 grand a month he can pay you. Phony bastard. All men are dogs!


Can't these two be left alone to settle their problems? I don't know why we have to know every move that is being made here. I am starting to get creeped out at just how much spying is done on celebs.

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