Movers Arrive as Elin Woods Prepares to Leave Tiger

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With each passing day, it's looking like less of a question of whether Elin Nordegren Woods will leave cheating husband Tiger and more a matter of when.

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    Merry f_ck_n Chistmas from all your hos Tiger!


    Tiger gonna wear out all them hos before anyone else can get some. He must be a fu_king machine with an energizer battery strapped to his balls. Some of them bitches said he wore them clean out. Imagine, wearing out a whore? Well, I guess a man has to clear his "head" first before he go hit the links. Fore!


    I certainly hope a judge will see to it that she receives at least 10 times more money than all of the whores added together - regardless of prenup. If he can pay his whores, he can pay his wife. Her value should be at least 10 times more than theirs all added together. Also, I hope they are all receiving 1099s so the taxes can be paid on the money. Our country can use the tax revenue. I thought we only had one state where prostitution was legal.


    Tiger ain't had no real booty. He's white meat only and that means he's just a humping bunny rabbit not a real tiger.


    Please leave this 2 people alone, they will sort everythhing out in their time, they have 2 beautiful children toghter, i am sure deep inside they still love each other, i am sure they can work it out, they need just some time off, from everybody and everything.
    Family is so importend this days, think about it.
    God Bless, they will come right soon.


    Don't know why people down on Tiger. I feel sorry for him. Look if he never had no brown sugar he a virgin in my book. No wonder the man all messed up.


    Yea, Tiger be the man!


    Just do IT. Say you are sorry. Not to us but to your wife and kids.Just try to make it work. Just do it with help from your best friends at NIKE you might win the most difficult tournament you and your wife ever had to play.If you say you are sorry maybe you could part or divorce as friends. You might loose a loving family but hopefully gain back some respect from (golfers) people around the world.Just do IT...say SORRY and proof that you mean it.Goodluck to you and your wife....Kids&Friendship you could have for LIFE.


    who cares let the man be it over he is human yall acting like the man created a crime let him and elin handle it they are well off regardless and only issue is the kids but im sure they will work out a plan and tiger will be more popular than even shit get that money tiger


    God!!!! Tiger is such a is shocking that anyone would use another person to the level he has used Elin. If he wanted to be a playboy then he should have stayed single in the first place. He robbed her of her basic human right to live a life that was true. She should sue his butt for fraud as he told people even before their marriage it was fake to him.

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