Miley Cyrus to Queen Elizabeth II: Look at My Boobs!

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Seriously, Miley Cyrus?!?

We know the singer believes she's celebrity royalty, but was no one around this week to inform the self-obsessed star that there are proper - and improper, as Miley proved - ways to dress in front of actual royalty?

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Cyrus and Lady Gaga were two of the American singers chosen to meet the Queen of England at yesterday's Royal Variety Awards in London. While the latter celeb actually donned appropriate attire for the occasion, Miley treated the honor like a night  of club-hopping.

As you take a look at the outfits Cyrus wore to greet Queen Elizabeth II at the event and to perform in front of her, try not to injure your jaw when it drops to the ground...

London's Daily Mail referred to Miley's leather hotpants and crop top as the "daring outfit of the night."

That's one way of putting it. Another way would be:

Is there any doubt now why Cyrus was named 2009's Worst Celebrity Influence?


The saddest thing about child stars is watching them grow up. They all dissappoint.


Miley did deserve to win WORST CELEBRITY INFLUENCE OF 2009-no talent no taste ugly slut Miley.


Miley is an ugly immature self-centered self-absorbed selfish attention-whore loser! Miley wants privacy and respect,yet she WON'T shut-up and she disrespects others! What a hypocrite!Miley deaerved to win WORST CELEBRITY INFLUENCE of 2009!


ppl marj is right and get a life ppl u only look at hur bad points and this site is tryiin to make us hate miley MILEY CYRUS 4 EVA XX


1st she not self obsessed and 2nd leave hur alone god u ppl r anoyiin


I think Miley feels that she can get away with anything. Her parents have let her have free reign since she was first on TV. Someone needs to tell her to quit being a silly little girl and try to act accordingly as a growup. She is beginning to remind me of Lindsey Lohan.


Miley dresses like a slut, acts like a slut, looks like a slut and is a slut! SLUT Miley!


she was performing...along with the barefoot spandex girl next to her...yet, you choose to slam her for a floor length evening gown? Diod Pigez tell you to post this...she is a young girl, you perv


I dont see the problem. There are bigger issues in the world. I think she looks fine. If the Royal Family was concerned with what she was going to wear, they wouldnt have had her in the first place. Obviously theyve seen her outfits in the past and still chose to have her meet the Queen and perform for her. I think others like to pounce on anything that comes up, even if its not warranted.


l like her and l like her dress

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