Miley Cyrus to Queen Elizabeth II: Look at My Boobs!

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Seriously, Miley Cyrus?!?

We know the singer believes she's celebrity royalty, but was no one around this week to inform the self-obsessed star that there are proper - and improper, as Miley proved - ways to dress in front of actual royalty?

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Cyrus and Lady Gaga were two of the American singers chosen to meet the Queen of England at yesterday's Royal Variety Awards in London. While the latter celeb actually donned appropriate attire for the occasion, Miley treated the honor like a night  of club-hopping.

As you take a look at the outfits Cyrus wore to greet Queen Elizabeth II at the event and to perform in front of her, try not to injure your jaw when it drops to the ground...

London's Daily Mail referred to Miley's leather hotpants and crop top as the "daring outfit of the night."

That's one way of putting it. Another way would be:

Is there any doubt now why Cyrus was named 2009's Worst Celebrity Influence?


Hey Marj, could you rewrite your post so you sound literate? And BTW, cystic fibrosis occurs in the lungs. BOTH of them.


Miley’s Mom and Dad are not any classier. They are a typical-- low class, low education, no style, big guts, big mouth-- American family. What do you expect?


look i dont care the reality she is 17 not an adult little kids go to her concert she should dress better stop defending her shes as kid her self i dont believe she's virgin all teens lie about that her parents need to hit some sence into her or interfear that was to sluty and that mandy is a BAD influence she's a slut MOM DAD TEACH HER A LESSON NOT HER FRIEND PREGNANT BY 20 I BET ANYTHING


miley get down to earth your famous but not royalty you got money wow you influence many young girls why would you dress the ways you did and at a concert to it looked horible the way your headed your going to end up like another celeb (no name) or pregnant going with all these different guys bad influence miley grow up and be and normal 17 year old not trying to be more grown then you are mom and dad should interfear with her show her some sence not be her friend


Really who cares??? hellion says shes the head of an outdated monarchy who are snobish and greedy who owned 1 third of the worlds surface......
Who cares what the queen thinks of what a young american celeb
she wont change her


i think everyone on this page is being really immature- im sorry but her outfit really isnt that bad tbh with you - were not in world war 1 anymore we dont have to be covered from head to toe.... i mean the main thing is,she is a good singer point blank:D xxx


Miley is just a teenager!! So what if she won (WORST CELEBRITY INFLUENCE of 2009), she does not do anything different than young teenage girls on 17 would do, in Denmark. For Gods sake, she is 17!! She does not smoke, drink, or have sex with anyone ( At least that is what she says). She can't be a role model for young kids, her hole life, because she was Hanna Montana once. Sometimes you have to hit it hard, before people realize who you really are. It's not fair, that other people ( like the haters in here) should tell her how to live her life. So just let her be


When i saw miley for the 1st time on h.m i saw a cute confident girl and then she started 2 change and do things 2 get attention, a lot of people liked her then and they would have still liked now so im not asking her 2 be good iam asking 2 be herself cuz this is not the real her.


Oh my god... way to dress like a prossy (prostitute) thats not the modern world thats just exposing and I do believe she isn't a good influence. "Yeah little susan you can dress like her even though you're 9 years old! :DD" Plus if I was the queen... I WOULDN'T WANT HER TITS IN MY FACE LIKE THAT!!!! Gah...


Leave Lady Gaga out of this mess. She had nothing to do with Miley Cyrus. And whats with the comparing of Twilight with a Cult. She's just getting jealous of it. Even the news says the same thing.

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