Miley Cyrus to Queen Elizabeth II: Look at My Boobs!

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Seriously, Miley Cyrus?!?

We know the singer believes she's celebrity royalty, but was no one around this week to inform the self-obsessed star that there are proper - and improper, as Miley proved - ways to dress in front of actual royalty?

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Cyrus and Lady Gaga were two of the American singers chosen to meet the Queen of England at yesterday's Royal Variety Awards in London. While the latter celeb actually donned appropriate attire for the occasion, Miley treated the honor like a night  of club-hopping.

As you take a look at the outfits Cyrus wore to greet Queen Elizabeth II at the event and to perform in front of her, try not to injure your jaw when it drops to the ground...

London's Daily Mail referred to Miley's leather hotpants and crop top as the "daring outfit of the night."

That's one way of putting it. Another way would be:

Is there any doubt now why Cyrus was named 2009's Worst Celebrity Influence?


I think Miley gets a big of an unfair judgement, but she can really silly sometimes. All the time, in fact. I know she is 17 now, but would people stop saying "Oh she's a teenager, so it's alright!" She is a teenager that has been working since a young age, and she should very well know by now that you cannot do half the things she does because of this. Look at Selena and Demi, they are the same age only the two of them are more mature. Shape up, and wake up Miley. Well done, Mr and Mrs Cyrus - parenting of the year.


She needs to be educated! She needs better guidelines, she needs to be less arrogant and more stylish. Normally these things are learned in the family. I think she did not have a good family to learn these things from.


and thats the QUEEN OF ENGLAND for crying out loud!!!


she really deserves that award. What if other kids follow what she does. She's supposed to be a role model for crying out loud.


I don't think Miley is ugly and she has a nice body. However, I do think that she is a terrible influence on young girls. She is obnoxious, promiscuous and extremely arrogant. Look at that attire! She is in front of the Queen for goodness sakes! Now she wants to take time off to "reinvent" herself after her next album; if she thinks dresssing and acting like that is going to get her any attention, it will only be by more haters. Shape up or ship out Miley.
Also, just to add, Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus-wonderful parenting. You should be proud.


seriously she is 17 back off talk about her having no class do read what you write before you publish it not very classy ok so she is supposed to be a role model what has she done tried different outfits what its not what you would have worn maybe its not her maybe its her stylist remember "she has lots of money she like to rub in everyone's faces" so she must have a stylist maybe the clothes she picks are a bit out there I think they are cute but thats just me still love you Miley keep up the GOOD WORK


OK , I know now, sorry!


Who's Marj ?


oh and by the way brenda, she has a purity ring as does brandi, that means no sex till Marrige, so if you don t know the facts dont speak!ie shut up


hey Miles, dont listen to them your incredible, intresting itelligent person. Noone shounld take that away from you.
They dont know you and theyre probably to lazy to find out anyway, youre special and thats all you need to know,, i only hope when im 17 i can have brought as much happiness to the world as you have done!! xxxx

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