Miley Cyrus Honors Lady GaGa, Doesn't Suck

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It's safe to say we weren't huge fans of the outfit Miley Cyrus wore when she met the Queen of England last week.

Overt, 17-year old cleavage aside, though, we can give Cyrus credit when credit is due.

The singer put on a solid rendition of "Party in the USA" during her time in England, performing in front of royalty and a massive audience. She even changed a lyric and added some choreography in honor of THG favorite Lady GaGa.

See what we mean below:

Does this make up for the fact that Miley encouraged her nine-year old sister to smack her ass and sing along to Akon? Not even close.

But it does prove that we're capable of not hating on Cyrus every second of every day. That's a big step for us.


You guy have to face it SHE IS A SLUT she got a tattoo and she ONLY 17.Like how is she a role model? Look what she showing her sister. Next you'll see she will have a baby. she has like a 20 year old boy
friend. She IS A SLUT FACE IT


we haters dont purplosely look her up...
i just love what THG writes about her, cause its fucking hilarious.
shes a selfish, rude, arrogant, publicity whore.
and Hollywood, i do love myself, and i hate miley cyrus.
its just the way it is.


if you all hate miley so much, why are you googleing her? just leave her alone! i totally respect her for everything she's doing, she can't be a disney star all her life. i think she's a great role model. i mean, everyone makes mistakes.


i cant believe that haters find the time to look up the person they hate instead looking up someone they like


Again. All the haters post mean things. There is such a feud between the haters and the supporters. who cares!
Its just what stuff your into.


I wonder: Do all You haters,even like yourselves,or is it just more fun to take-it out on Miley? And then one who keeps calling her a slut and other vile things--You and i are gonna meet one day..You're just gonna turnaround an I'm gonna be there..I feel you'll have a whole different change of mind after that---Ya feel-me?


She sings at a high school musical level. She doesn't quite make the ears bleed but it's no pleasure to listen to either.


You are right above comment-Miley cannot shut-up!-Miley keeps saying she wants respect and privacy,but she won't shut-up and is a horrible influence. WHAT A HYPOCRITE!


UGLY Miley-inside and out!! Miley is a SELF-CENTERED ATTENTION-WHORE NO TALENT SLUT! Miley CANNOT sing or act!WON WORST CELEBRITY INFLUENCE 2009-that says it all!!


she can totally sing why people say she sings through her nose????
and i love it when she goes all fierce


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