Miley Cyrus Hoes Down, Throws Down with Sister

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To many people, Adam Lambert's American Music Awards performance was offensive and, therefore, they are pleased with ABC for perpetually punishing the artist.

To members of our staff, however, Miley Cyrus is a far worse role model for today's youth than last season's American Idol runner-up.

For example, the young singer has created the "Hoedown Throwdown," a song/routine in which she challenges someone on stage to a dance-off. It's a cute idea, but we're not sure if a 17-year old with Miley's dating history should be involved in anything titled a "hoedown."

We're also not sure if she should drag her little sister into it.

But during a concert in Miami this week, Miley and Noah Cyrus hoedowned and threwdown with one another. You tell us: is this adorable or unacceptable?


... You have it SO wrong. She didnt make it, her people did. And it isnt a dance-off, its a charity. And you're all just wrong for saying all this. Stop trying to turn us all against Miley, coz we all know it wont work!


oh and everybody she is not supposed to be a role model all she needs to be to stay at disney is a fucking cash cow. and we all know that america loves hot jailbate ass. once she is like 19 or 20 disney will drop her youll see.


she can hoedown throwdown on my dick any day. then her sister can have a go. HAHAHA


this is cute.... well i think so but i dont really think miley should do that.


I really really detest Miley but doing the hoedown throwdown with her little sister doesn't seem like a crime.. however I do think what she's wearing is very inappropriate, come on she's supposed to be a role model for kids, and that doesn't mean prancing around on the stage showing your undies to the fans.


First of all, the 'Hoedown Throwdown' was made for the Hannah Montana movie, which took place on a farm in Tennessee. There's a common dance called a hoedown, hence the reason the song was named 'Hoedown Throwdown' The dance isn't provactive at all and if it was, it wouldn't have been shown on Disney Channel, stupidass. Leave Miley the fuck alone, and get a fucking life. She isn't doing anything wrong and you're pulling shit out of your ass to make your pathetic life spent in front of a computer screen, seem like it's worth something. How about getting a real fucking job, and stop meddling in TEENAGERS lives. It makes you look really fucking stupid dude. Have a blessed ass day.


OMG. Leave the girl and her family alone. You can't compare Miley Cyrus with Adam Lambert. The king of the sleezy, the king of wierdo,Adam Lambert. The writer for this article needs to be fired for life. What an idiot. Yeah you the write-stupid!!!! That's okay Miley, laugh all the way to the bank.


They're just having good, clean fun...don't make something out of nothing


haha! at the end ' noahs fired'


Hey THG!!!!
I have been following your this website for very long, but I could not hold this inside me anymore! Can't you guys just leave Miley alone????????? You are the most stupidest website I have ever come through. I can't believe you say all this Hoe Down Throwdown is offended. Right now I tell you that IT IS NOT OFFENDED! In fact you just offended Miley! I think it is a sweet thing for her to dance on stage with her sister. You should be ashame of yourself! Everyone has a characteristics! This is Miley's character! Everyone has a bad one too! This is Miley's bad one. I am 100% sure that you got one (bad word don't wish to say) character! Remember Nobody's Perfect!!!!! Doofus!!
Miley biggest fan,

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