The Situation Room: Mike Sorrentino Breaks Down Jersey Shore, Living the Guido Lifestyle

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Mike Sorrentino, who "unveiled" his new persona The Situation on last night's episode of Jersey Shore, did not impress Sammi with the new moniker.

But he's already a hit with the MTV show's viewers, though, and it should come as no surprise that he's looking at getting The Situation trademarked.

Jersey Shore Cast in Italy

Yes, really.

"I'm trying," Mike Sorrentino, the assistant manager of a gym (of course) when he's not tanning, boozing and pumping his fist on the Jersey beach.

"I'm in the process of it right now. I don't know if it's possible, but I'm trying ... They're actually selling 'I Love The Situation' panties on!"

A 27-year-old native of Staten Island (of course) says he gets "bombarded all day long" with praise from friends and fans since the show debuted.

That's because Jersey Shore, with its self-described "guidos" and "guidettes" sharing a summer house in Seaside Heights, N.J., is a bona fide hit.

Negative stereotypes and offended Italian-Americans aside, Mike Sorrentino makes no apologies for bragging about living what he calls the Guido Lifestyle.

"I'm very confident in being Italian," he says. "I'm proud to have spiky hair and to have my six-pack. Whoever doesn't like it, I'm not really too worried about it because everybody should love themselves. If you don't love yourself, who will?"

Obviously not housemate Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancarlo.

After a heavy flirtation with Mike, Sammie ended up hooking up with the most muscled housemate, Ronnie Magro, on last night's Jersey Shore.

"I was a little upset," Mike admits. "I am a little bit of a wild kid but at the same time, I have that sensitive side. I would love to settle down."

Well, there are always gay guys to make him feel better: "I'll be honest, I definitely like the attention," he says of his appeal to the other team.

"I'm flattered if there are guys that have crushes on me."




mike sure has a great set of abs.


They all look older then their years, could it be from all the tanning, drinking and lack of sleep. I hope they are getting paid well for going on a show that only portrays them as one dimensional cartoon characters. By the way I used to do crazy things when I was in my 20's. Fortunately, for me there wasn't a camera following me around 24-7.


No relation.
I heard Mike is either a brown or black belt in Taekwondo, true?


This guy sucks so much dick


Went to school with this kid, real tool!


He is definetly HOTT!! He'll be flattered for years if he keeps up this attitude.


I HATE this dickhead!


Well I must say the vibe given off on this show is a NY thing....I mean by this that the way these kids act and such is only seen and understood in the tri state area....don;t understand why people love to hate....i mean those hipster type kids are much worse and hipster girls are a hell of a lot for the kid from RI...he did not grow up in NY and is from RI of all places...anyone who cheers for the Red Sox should not be on this show....and the kid is 28? i mean that says enough right there....He is just a wannabe NY kid


he is way sexy and he dont look older hes HOT!!

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