Meredith Baxter Comes Out as a Lesbian

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Meredith Baxter, who played Elyse Keaton on the hit 1980s series Family Ties, came out of the closet this morning as a lesbian, saying it happened "later in life."

Baxter, who's been married to men three times and has five children, revealed on the Today show that she has been in a relationship with a woman for four years.

"I'm a lesbian mom," she says.

The couple lives an "out" life together in L.A., but it had been an open secret of sorts, as she had yet to comment publicly on her sexual orientation until today. 

Meredith Baxter Pic

Meredith Baxter says her children have been nothing but supportive.

Possible reason for the timing? The revelation comes right as National Enquirer released a story saying Baxter recently went on a cruise with 1,200 lesbians.

Meredith Baxter, 62, said the thought of being gay "had never crossed my mind" earlier in life, but at the same time, "I was never comfortable with myself."

We're glad that she is now.


I think meredith baxter is a good actress. I am sorry to hear that she is a lesbian. I pray for her. She will have a hard battle ahead of her. a viewer comment said it best. plug to plug gets nothing. That is so--- right.


Each one of us have God in ourselves. He gave us the power of free will. We can combine to (pro)create like God did, or we can decide anything else... like exploring the moon and destroying our oceans with a continent of plastic! That's why it happens. And each decision we make results in something, be it good or bad.
Meredith did her best, she's just learning something new now. I wish her good luck. If she is happy, so should we be for her.
My point is: We have more important things to discuss than one's sexuality, at the age of 62. She isn't bothering anyone.


Remember GOD MADE US GAY just as GOD MADE US STRAIGHT!!!! ANd the only gender of any species that can PROCREATE by themselves by cloning is FEMALE..ENOUGH SAID! God would not create us to hate us, only humans put upon the pettiness that GOD NEVER POSSESSED!!!


hey jo se l, she's 62. No life is coming out of her socket these days even if someone with a plug puts it in her. Besides, she already has like 3 or 4 kids. Maybe your life is just about copulating and producing offspring but it's not necessary for everyone to do so. I'm not advocating zero population growth, but there's no shortage of life on earth.


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Just another one toying with nature and it's intended purpose for themselves.It's like telling the great one called God that you will make your own decision.Gay and Lesbian is an act of extinction not procreation.God is about life.The dark one is about extinction.Who are you for?The mind can tell itself to correct decisions that are not based on logic.Be gay and lesbian but when you plug something into a socket to get it to work ask yourself what the sexual organ of a male and female is for just like the plug and socket.They both create life into something.One is for a child the other for electricity.A plug with plug and socket with socket produces nothing.A plastic plug going into a socket gets no result.A plug with a plug?Nothing happens.Don't play with God or nature.Save your soul.