Mary Delgado and Byron Velvick: It's Over

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After five years together, former star of The Bachelor Byron Velvick and Mary Delgado have split up, the sixth season star confirmed late Wednesday.

The couple got engaged on the show's November 2004 finale, where he proposed in Spanish so her parents, watching at home, could understand.

The Women Talk it Over

That was the high point for them.

Byron Velvick and Mary Delgado first showed signs of a trouble the night after they appeared on a Bachelor reunion episode in November 2007.

She was hauled off by police for assaulting her fiance, punching Velvick in the mouth and being heavily under the influence of alcohol at the time.

Mary was arrested again last November for public intoxication.

Byron Velvick and Mary Delgado had a great, sometimes violent run.

Shortly after the incident, Velvick maintained that they were still happily together, and that "they are just a real couple going through real things."

"Just because you met on a reality show, got engaged on this incredible setting doesn't mean that we're Prince Charming or Beautiful Princess."

NONE of the 13 stars of The Bachelor have married their final rose recipient, although Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney are angling to be the first.

We have a feeling they will officially break The Bachelor curse within the next year or so. We have a hunch there'll be a TV wedding somehow, too.


Mary used to sell some Stone products in Tampa for a builder. Then she tried selling car advertising gimmicks for a company in Hyde Park. The building industry in FL is in bad shape. Car sales are way off. Now her TV dude has dumped her. So, everything that she has been involved with since 2002 is over. Whatever experience she got from selling home products and car advertising is useless in Florida. And, she's probably about 42 or 43, so the kid option is out. She was engaged 2 times in the past to NFL guys, but even they cheated on her. She needs to go to a human relations class and learn how to judge people better. Then, maybe she won't pick guys that cheat on her. She really is a typical NFL cheerleader type - all sizzle and no steak.


Jason and Molly WILL NOT be the first from The Bachelor to get married because he didn't choose her. He dumped Melissa on live TV after the fact.


Her 3rd arrest or public meltdown is just around the corner. Give it about 3 months. By the end of March, the cops will be throwing her in the Hillsborough jail.


Mary Delgado spit in the face of many people in Tampa. She was after fame and fortune. In order to not look like an absolute gold digger, she constantly talked about wanting a kid. Well, Mary didn't get a marriage, she didn't get a kid and she didn't get a fortune of money. What she did get was a bunch of negative press, which is ironic, considering she was so proud about being on TV. People in Tampa, that know her, know the truth.


Tristan and Ryan got married and are still married...I don't remember the year.. maybe 4yrs ago? He was the fireman from CO


I remember there used to be an online psychologist who used to predict the outcomes of these Bachelor & Bachelorette shows with great ability, weeks before the final episode. I think his name was A.T. and he had his own site. I also remember most readers gave him alot of heat because he had said, way back when the show ended, Byron and Mary's relationship was just temporary and they would not wed due to unresolved personal issues. I guess he's been vindicated five years after the fact. I take another bow to A.T.'s proven intuition.


Jason didn't really PICK Molly, though, so it wouldn't really count if they did marry...

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