Lindsay Lohan: Topless, Desperate Muse

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It's hard to say what Lindsay Lohan is going for here.

Actually, we have a pretty good idea. She's trying resurrect her career, or at least make some money to pay the mortgage, by getting naked or darn close.

Not that we blame her. In fact the Muse magazine spread she recently posed for is pretty hot, albeit a little nonsensical. But we just don't see it working ...

Horny Muse

Lindsay Lohan is one seductive, artsy muse. Kind of.

Earlier this week, we posted some Muse pictures that were pretty racy. Today's batch goes well beyond that. Think Lindsay topless, in the throes of passion with some poor sap and involved in guy-on-guy-on-girl threesome action.

Muse might call itself artistic, but we might choose another word (it starts with a p) if these Lindsay Lohan pictures are indicative of what it's going for.

Follow the jump to see what we mean ...

Lindsay Lohan in the Act
Lindsay in Command
Lindsay Lohan Nip Slip
Lohan Getting Tag-Teamed

Lindsay Lohan topless: A piece of work of art.


so nice pic


I think she is still pretty---if she would stop blowing up her lips. If she could clean up her act, she could be as beautiful as she used to be. Hope she can.


Hey lindsay,
Whats happened to you i remember whatching you when i was a little kid on tv and now your posing nude like the photos arent that bad but there not the type you should have put up if you know what i mean... I still love you still either way but you should stop doing this, You were better and much more prettier when you were healthy and making movies its been so long you need to start working again, And fuck all these bad photos off... luv always Janey xo


i used to like her but she can be so f****** disgusting never thought that. this is one of the proves that how money can make a person slave of it. and shit headed person always surrender to it. very shallow.


I love your titties lindsay I love your titties


Oh, and is that a guy she is with or just a really skinny male with advanced AIDS? (Ooohh, I looked again and threw up in my mouth.


How can you people think she is hot? She looks disgusting and dirty in these photos. Not because of what she is doing, because she looks sick and nasty (and the cigarette really helps!) UUGGHH!!!!!!!!


she makes me want to vommit!!!! ha ha!!


really pathetic and tragic!


Pathettragic!ic, really sad and


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